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    Nov 2008
    I sure hope my fellow Hyundai owners while not disagree with me if we commit ourselves to road courtesy to a fellow Hyundai owner if we happen to see each other on the road even if we haven't met before.

    See you on the road!!!

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    Sep 2011
    Parang motorcycle riders lang ah! :D

    But the diff ng motor sa atin is, sila kita mo kumakaway... eh tayo... I don't know


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    Jun 2008
    Isang flash ng headlight magka unawaan na yan

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    Dec 2010
    This is a good subject. I think it's relevant if we post ways on how to be courteous on the road.

    Let me start,

    Keep your headlights low, kahit pa nasa likod kayo. I drive NLEX every week, ang daming sasakyan ang laging nakahigh na nasa likod, isipin nyo naman na may mga salamin sasakyan natin para may visibility tayo sa likod, pag naka high kayo nasisilaw nyo pa rin ang driver ng oto na nasa harap nyo kahit di nyo kasalubong.

    Please delete na lang po kung off-topic.

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    Jun 2008
    I always try to do alternate giving pag merging ang road, take turns. Alam niyo na sino ang di murunong nito, mostly public vehicles.

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    Aug 2005
    +1 and +1

    Courtesy during merging is one aspect. What unnerves me is how private vehicles don't bother signaling and just assume you'd let them insert themselves by the sheer power of assertion.

    Or even the sheer lack of respect for pedestrian lanes. Its astonishing.

Hyundai Road Courtesy