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    Nov 2008
    Bakit ang KIA 2012 meron same Gamma engine din, mukang nalimutan tayo lagyan!! hmmm...

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    Oct 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by LtAK View Post
    Bakit ang KIA 2012 meron same Gamma engine din, mukang nalimutan tayo lagyan!! hmmm...

    2 words, cost cutting. Pansin mo rin mas mahal srp ng rio compared sa accent.

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    Sep 2011
    Same thing una kong napansin pag bukas ng hood. I even called the dealer to check if they missed installing it. Yun pala wala talaga :p

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    Aug 2004
    Here's food for thought:

    Ten Tech improvements that make cars worse

    9.) Plastic engine covers

    Why it needs to die: Plastic engine covers make cars marginally quieter, isolating us audibly and visually from the workings of our cars. Specifically, they keep us removed from our very favorite part of the car. If you don't want to hear those exploding hydrocarbons, say, you drive a Mazda Protégé that buzzes at 4,000 rpm on the highway, the solution is better sounding, more melodic engines, not isolation. Not hearing the car when it's performing well means not hearing the car when it isn't
    I don't mind not having an engine cover. Something less to catch fire 100,000 kilometers down the line when the foam is disintegrating and the wires get frayed. Something less to remove, with less clips to get lost when you need to check your spark plugs and wires. And, yes, something less between yourself and your engine, so you can hear exactly what's going on.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Oct 2004
    Come to think of it, tahimik naman ang engine ng accent even without the cover. Pansin ko rin most engine covers wala namang foam underneath. Its just plastic. So i assume purely aesthetics lang yung cover. Besides, people dont usually drive with their hoods up kaya ok lang walang engine cover hehehe.

1.4 & 1.6 Accent, wala ba talaga engine cover?