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    Jan 2006
    Hummer H3 Gets Wagon Wheels - Literally

    No, it’s not a Wild West special-edition Hummer. This H3 with authentic wagon wheels installed in place of its 32-inch offroading tires is a work of art by Matthew Harrison. Entitled, “Hummer,” the H3 is on display courtesy of the Limoncello gallery in East London. It will be displayed at the Zoo Art Fair (Oct. 17-20) on Old Burlington Road, opposite the Royal Academy.

    Described as a “mixture of art, engineering and motoring,” the H3 has been refitted with wooden wagon wheels, as seen in the photos. There was no comment as to how the wheels affect the H3’s off-road ability or cornering performance.

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    Dec 2003
    hahahahah WTF!

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    Jul 2008
    The chick in front looks nicer....with better shoes!

Hummer H3 with large diameter (wagon?) wheels