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    Jul 2009
    Auto gurus,

    Im planning to buy a honda city type z 2002 manual. What are its pros and cons? What parts should i watch out for? help naman po so i can choose the best unit.

    All comments and suggestions are welcome.


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    Dec 2007
    Try to look for similar threads.

    I've recommended the SX8 City/City Type Z countless times on Tsikot because I used to own a 1999 1.5EXi non-VTEC model for six years. ;)

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    Aug 2004
    Biggest consideration? Check for rust.

    Rust is the bane of old Hondas, and that body-style of City isn't immune. Mechanical bits are important, but clunking suspensions can be fixed easily and radiator hoses can be replaced. Rusting bodies are like ticking timebombs.

    Choose wisely. Check the roof and the rear fenders for rust damage and signs of "masilya" used in body repairs.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Nov 2007
    I own an 02 City Gl.


    1. Fuel efficient, I get 8 to 9 km a liter city driving, if long trips 10 to 11 km a liter tops.

    2. Easy to handle and parking is not a problem, can fit the car because of it's size.

    3. Even though it's 10 years since it's first introduction in the market, a few paint job and simple mods would do a lot of good to it's looks.


    1. The space is small and I stand 5 feet 10 inches, so the leg room is not comfortable for me.

    2. The parts of Honda are a little higher than compared to other car brands.

    3. I agree with the issue of rust, be sure that it has no sign of this, otherwise it would be a problem in 1 or 2 years time.

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    Dec 2007
    What the heck, I might as well chip in...again. :P

    1. Fuel economy. I did 9-10 km/L in city driving - and mine was a 1.5L unit. The big reason is the SX8 City's low weight - it weighs just under 1 ton.

    2. Handling. Again, the 970kg weight works wonders. Even though it was modified to use struts all around instead of its dad the EF Civic's double wishbones, it still handled very well. There's very little slop to its steering and you can accurately place the car where you want.

    3. Visibility. In these days of safety-obsessed carmakers conspiring to make cars blobbier than ever, you will probably never see a new car that offers the amount of visibility the SX8 delivered. Low hood + large windows + good side mirrors = absolutely no blind spots. Perfect for learning how to park in!

    4. Acceleration and speed. The car punches well above its weight, thanks to well-judged gear ratios and an engine with a good midrange at 4000 RPM. I used to trust 2nd and 3rd gear and that very high 6800 RPM redline for most overtaking duties.

    5. Ride quality. The car strikes a good balance between cushy and firm.

    1. Interior room. The small seats are comfortable even without lumbar support and the basic low-set driving position is okay, but the front footwell is rather cramped. At 5'8" I was still comfortable, but I'm not sure if you will be. Rear passengers will be fine however.

    2. Missing warning and indicator lights. Not even a door-ajar warning light or a seatbelt warning light. It's a minor thing but most people take it for granted that they're there.

    3. Transmission remarks. If you're getting one with a manual gearbox (all the 1.5L cars were M/Ts), you'll have to get used to the snappy clutch. It's soft enough but the contact point is a little hard to judge. The shifter itself is a little soggy too.

    4. A note on rust: Unlike the EG Civics with their notorious rusting roofs, the SX8 City will not corrode spontaneously. If you do find rust, that means it's been involved in an accident somewhere and it hasn't been repaired properly.

    5. A note on suspension: Honda's decision to use struts for the SX8 City, as compared to double wishbones for its Civic brethren, means it's going to be tough finding aftermarket suspension parts if you're into modification.

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    Jul 2009
    thanks auto gurus, please keep your suggestions flowing.

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    Jul 2012
    nice inputs guys! really helpful for me who owns a 1.5 vtec 2001.
    i'm into a paint job soon, and hopefully can meet the sx8 piranha dudes, and sana i'll be welcomed. :-)

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    Jan 2017
    Mga masters,

    Ask lang po ako ng advice sa inyo. Nag pa plan po ako bumili 2nd hand na car however, wala po tlaga ako ganong alam sa kung papano kumilatis ng isang maayos at matino pang 2nd hand na car. Ask lang po ako ng suggestions ninyo kung ano ba yung magandang car na kung saan di ako gano mamomroblema sa maintenance in terms of availability ng spare parts and kung anong type of car na reliable. mga budget ko around 160k - 180 k. although first love ko tlaga ang Honda nga lang wala tlaga ako alam kung ano ba yung specific na model. Salamat po ng marami..

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