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    Nov 2006
    Hi guys! I need your help!

    I got this Honda City 1.5 a few months ago. It has this funny noise from the dashboard. I brought it to my dealer for repair 3 times already. They placed something daw but the noise is still there. I can see some foam they pasted in the compartment. Noise is not that loud but irritating.

    I googled about it, and landed here. I guess my concern is not isolated. Others had same problem. Gosh! I am beginning to think that this is a design or manufacturing problem. Is City a dud? I want to return this car and ask for refund.

    Is this possible? Please give me some inputs on your experience with Honda and other car dealers/makers on returning the car. If returning my car is not possible, what are my options?

    My dealer is Honda Magallanes.


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    Dec 2005

    bro visit our site. club na dedicated for jazz and city lovers.

    i think may nabasa na ako thread about that. although i own a jazz eh pareho naman dashboard natin. also there are people na may kilala sa mga supervisors ng mga honda dealers, they might be of help sa case mo kung di maayos ng dealer mo yan. i think it has something to do with the wiring sa loob ng dash.

    gudluck and more power

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    May 2006
    Hi. Try to look for similar threads. If I'm not mistaken, may isang CASA na nakaayos ng problem na ito. :D

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    May 2005
    What they placed inside your dash is "insulation tape".

    The noise could also be coming from the airbag module inside. Have the dealer check on that.

    Honda Makati group (Shaw, Makati, Pasig, etc...) are not really known for great service. Try other dealers of the Yuchengco Group such as Manila, Kalookan, etc. bec. Yuchengco group seem to best the Honda Makati group in service, so far. I dont recommend Yuchengco's Quezon City dealer due to very poor workmanship on the service they rendered on our Civic more than ten years ago.

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    Sep 2006
    he he he we are on the same boat.

    well, i would like to hear from other tsikoteer's of the opinions and suggestions on your question: is it possible to return your car and ask for refund? i might take that option (or force the issue if necessary) when repair of our unit f**ks up, too.

    in my view, putting some plaster or foam or whatever contraption under the dashboard is not repairing the problem but only hiding the consequence of the problem. the plaster or foam only absorbs the sound or temporarily prevents the defective part from vibrating and causing sound. stated otherwise, it is just playing your car stereo loud so that you would not hear the noise: when your turn off your stereo, it is there to haunt you -- the problem with the dashboard or any component attached to it or under it still remains. when the plaster or foam melts, flattens, compresses or becomes damaged over lapse of time, the rattling noise will return. by that time, the warranty period has expired.

    and take note of this: in the warranty booklet, honda excludes noise from their warranty. naka-red print pa yan. galeng!

    ironically, yong mga rollo na taxi laspag na palpag na pero bihira lang sa mga ito ang mga rattling dashboard. itong city, kabibili mo lang, paplasteran na.

    the problem with honda city's dashboard is so pervasive. in my view, this is a factory defect that warrants the recall of the dashboard or the honda city itsel (forward cabin design type) or for the refund of the purchase price. the public, or honda's customer's, do not deserve to be short-changed.

    honda knows the problem, but it does not do anything about it. plasteran lang. parang me galis. he he he

    mmm... the power of dreams ... causes of horrific nightmares...

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    Nov 2006
    Yikes! Excluded nga noise and vibration.

    MSG: Puro DIY nabasa ko sa site ninyo. I am too girlie to do that. Besides, my car is new.

    Help! Naiiyak na ako. I want to return my car.

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    Aug 2006
    Not sure if you can still get a refund for your car. There was a topic here regarding a new Civic and I don't think that was resolved amicably.

    Try PM'ing Psylocke. I think he was able to find a way to fix his rattling dashboard.

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    Mar 2006
    I have the same problem. Got my car at Honda Makati last February. I did complain for it during the first 1K check-up pero di nila nagawa. Question, ok lang ba sa ibang dealer pagawa ang PMS and other services? Heard lots of good things about Yuchengco owned Honda. Feeling ko kasi hindi maayos yung service sa Honda Makati. Binaboy pa yung unit ko sa pag-lagay ng tint.

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    Dec 2005
    ay oo nga, nag DIY na mga bro ko sa GD. cguro wala din magawa mga casa sa prob na yan. hay kalungkot naman mga honda ngayon oh

    ako nga hood lock lang eh di nila magawa? kainis mga dealers nila ah! buti may maayos na dealer ako na napuntahan.

    medyo ot pero yun jazz ko wala pa one year may nag iingay na. as we have found out yun hood nga nag rarattle kasi maluwag yun lock and yun lock ng ULT seats sa likod causes the other noise too.

    sa dash ko wala pa naman. pero steering pag nag mamaniubra meron. they said dahil daw sa airbag yun. bakit iba namin auto may airbag naman pero wala noise?

    sabi nga sa forum namin sa GD, lakasan nalang daw radio hehe. sana makahanp ng solusyon mga casa dito. or sa panaginip nalang natin yun? THE POWER OF DREAMS hahaha

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    Sep 2006
    i will post in time pictures of our lemon honda city which was instead botchered, not repaired.

    as of now, we are evaluating our options as to our problem and what would probably honda would offer in return. we talked to our lawyer friends and the consensus is a legal action if honda could not come up a good remedy. pero para lang daw sa mga matitibay na sikmura.

    they said that if only those honda city owners could act together, a class action against honda for refund plus damages for selling lemon cars (or cars of poor worksmanship) would certainly put honda on a delima as its reputation would be at stake and such case would likely affect its sales, especially if that case would hit national dailies and televisions. nobody or only few would venture buying a honda with that.

    we said that a class action would be unlikely considering that most honda city owners, like contented cows, would rather complain in silence (or only in the net but in complete anynomity) rather than stand up for their rights.

    any lawyer in here who could provide some input?


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