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    May 2006

    Honda legend with that B16A hell-of-an-engine.

    I heard that there is a great price difference between '98-'99 and year 2000 (and above) models, like around 50k to 80k.

    Stock ones in still pristine condition fetch higher sticker prices than modified ones daw. How true is this?

    What's the going price these days? Better yet, how much would you shell out for one?

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    Jan 2007
    I'd pay around abouts 300k for one, tops. Sure it was a performance icon in its day, but let's face it, times have moved on and there are a lot of faster, better equipped things out there today.

    For second hand cars AFAIK mas maganda talaga ang resale value ng all-stock, doesn't matter what brand of car you're selling.

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    Oct 2002
    existing thread already:

    search before you create a new thread:

How much would you pay for a Honda SiR today?