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    Sep 2013
    I have this honda fit GD 1.5 A/T. Turned on my seven speed manual and didn't go on manual mode.1st gear-3rd gear were okay but 3rd-5th skipped the 4th gear this happenes often.Also 5th-7th skipped the 6th gear(often).What could be the problem of my engine?is it my transmission?
    so ang 3rd gear ay umaabot po ng 50kph before it shifts to 5th gear. 5th gear umaabot po ng 70 kph before mag 7th gear
    (note: hindi po siya palagi nangyayari,sometimes lang po)

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    Apr 2014
    Cvtf sir and reset lng

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    Oct 2003
    Probably the cvt switch

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    Jul 2012
    avoid using the manual mode.. malakas makasira ng cvt. in the end baka magpalit ka ng tranny. stay in "D" nlng para safe.

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Honda first gen GD 1.5 A/T gear shifts?