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    May 2006
    ok ba unit na to?

    anu ano mga problems dapat i-anticipate? I thinking of getting one at 320T, should I get other local units instead? Thanks

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    Sep 2005
    Pretty much the same as with buying a second-hand vehicle.

    If you are referring to the JDM Civics which are imported, check the steering conversion carefully. If you think or see that the conversion was not properly done, you can always get a new oem/replacement or surplus rack & pinion and steering box locally.


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    Feb 2008
    And I think mahal ang P320K unless SiR yan. Kapag VTi/LXi lang that is very expensive go find a better price.

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    May 2006
    Give us more details about the unit like year model, condition, mileage, etc.

    Common problems on the EK bodied series are suspension bushings, stabilizer link, trailing arm, power windows (weak), power locks, door hinges. For the engine its usually idling and valve cover seals.

    But don't get discouraged because these are just as common in other brands. Low cost solutions are readily available, sometimes you can even DIY .

    320k is an acceptable price for year 2000 and up models especially for VTi's, again it depends on what the owner has done in maintenance, mods, servicing.

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    Oct 2002
    unless it's an sir, then mataas konti yung price

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    May 2005
    Check the weatherstripping on the front windshield area. The part they used get loose easily and difficult, if not, impossible to put back.

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    Jan 2009
    and isa pang problema ng civic ek are the roofs, madali mabulok dahil sa clearance from the brackets, mine is a 97 civic ek, got the suspension arms , stabilink, trail arms, radiator upper tank and AC aux fan motor replaced, and as of today nasa talyer ang car ko dahil pinaayos ko ung nabubulok na roof. pero perfomance wise ok ang performance, nagpalit na din pala ako ng cylinder cover sa rubber at oil seal.

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