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    Oct 2005
    Hi! Im a newbie here...

    M about to buy a honda city 97 exi for 210k (A/T, 1.3L, pwer windows - front only, not keyless entry, 2nd owned, Deep Red, pioneer stereo, cool aircon). Need your advise on whether or not this car is a good buy in terms of

    reliability/performance (overheat rate, good for citydriving and longdrives? etc)
    fuel consumption
    Advantage fr other cars
    Common Problems
    or anything more you can add

    Need your ideas on this asap! i might close the deal this tues.. I'l just have a second look on tues and then if all is well, then i might go ahead and buy it. Hope someone can help me decide or feel good about my decision to buy a honda city 97 exi. =)

    P.s. How will i know if its an authentic city 97 exi or not just any improved older version..


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    Dec 2003
    pilitin mo 190t

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    Sep 2003
    tama si BB mahal yun sa 210k.

    makukuha mo sya dapat sa 190k or less

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    Oct 2005
    ok.. ill try.. but tumawad na ko from 253 then 235 tapos last na daw nya ung 210 (kasi nung una offer niya financing, pero sabi ko cash na lang pra no interest)

    anyway, thanks!

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    Jun 2004
    Medyo pricey. Ilan na mileage?

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    Nov 2002
    I think you can get a 95 ESi A/T at that price. It has more power and space. A similar Corolla GLi is also a good alternative if you want better fuel economy.

    If you have 210K and really gunning for a City, try looking for the Type Z version already. The first iteration looks too boring for me.

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    Oct 2005
    o nga.. dmi nga nagsasabi pricey.. mileage nya nasa 84k na..
    ok.. sige try ko pa tumawad.. or il look for a type z nga.

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    Oct 2005
    i like the City's suspension same as our Mazda 626 before... a twin trapezoidal link. soaks up bumps very well, especially for a car in its class(technically its a notch below a Corolla AE101, Civic EK and the like).
    its very light and feels like it. the handling is good, too bad the stock tires(165/80R-13)is too skinny. and also feels like it.
    its very fuel efficient. we can do high 11's sometimes. you have to make do with coach class accomodations though but its loaded, so its just fine.

    sir, if you can make a stretch out of your budget, why not the TypeZ variant?'s newer, looks better and has power rear windows.

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    Oct 2005
    yah.. somebody also told me to buy type z instead.. m still looking for one. la pa sa car finder e.. within that range of a budget lang sana =)

    Thanks for the tip! lots of ppl really think that city even the 97 one is a still a good choice. i just really hope that the one im going to buy is well maintained.. i plan to ask the seller that we take it to a honda service center so we can check f there are any defective parts, if there are, sagot nya un! or bawas presyo. =D

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    Oct 2005
    ei guys! THANKS a lot!! i already bought a car.. kya lang d ung 97 city exi... 98 city lxi, A/T din, All power, Casa maintained per 5000km and insured pa till April 2006 for 244k. Fortunate coincidence lang nakita ko lang sa road while im in my father's car. tapos m with a mechanic na dhil supposedly il have a last look dun s city 97 and then buy it na but had little doubts lang din kasi la service receipts ung may ari and prang hesitant magpa pnp clearance dhil hassel daw to bring the car sa pnp. Anyway, long story short, i didn't buy it coz i saw a better one! Praise the Lord! halleluia!


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