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    Jun 2005
    Sana maayos yong "leaks" sa City mo Viper. Feedback mo kame kung ano naging problem at paano inayos. Di nga normal for bnew yan.

    Tingin ko (my opinion lang) baka weather strips. Pag di lapat kase may chance mag seep in (pin size drops) yong ulan. Tapos tutulay yan sa window sill at maghahanap ng babagsakan sa carpet flooring (near running board).

    O kaya yong plastic cover sa likod ng door trims? Baka di masyado naayos nong nag additional rustproof ka kaya?

    Pero now that it's in the casa, it's gonna be in good hands sana na.

    PS: pero bat ganon driver sa makati? parang di taga honda e...lahat ng nakakausap ko sa casa (mkna) e matitino so far...hmmm...

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    Oct 2003
    viper, 40K increase from the previous city?..sabi sa akin 20K increase lang tingin ko kung exterior changes lang ang ginawa, 20K would suffice. but we'll know the real price on monday :D

    anyway, charge it to experience na lang yang driver na yun..i bet not all honda casa have those kind of far we are more than satisfied sa service and attitude of employees at honda manila.

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    Sep 2005
    our neighbors here at the condominium also felt sad for me with my situation sa water leaks ng auto, i got feedback last saturday from the casa that there indeed is a water leak in the roof. oil sealant is busted right from the start even before the unit was released to me. honda makati action plan is to order new parts needed to be replaced and service the unit for free this week.

    Solution is good, but not appropriate. This car is defective right from the start, so yesterday, i talked with my sales representative and demanded a change unit. the car is just 3weeks old and looks new, 500kms on mileage (bcoz it travelled from tarlac to manila) den my trip for a week is stamesa-makati, makti-sanbeda-stamesa.

    Its unfair on my part to suffer and have a BRANDNEW car with water leaks. I didnt buy a BNEW car just to inconvenience myself, and waste time in having it repaired. I love this car a lot and i've worked hard earned money to purchase this. I dont deserve to get a unit with a defect. I deserve to get a unit "guaranteed" brand new.

    My sales representative as of 5pm yesterday, said that her managers are deliberating on my request. and im expecting a feedback from them today. bec of that water leak, heavy rains here in manila caused interior and backseats to get wet. as of now, i already see dirty marks on my ceiling inside the car. interior doesnt even look like bnew anymore bec of those leaks.

    question: we also noticed that some body parts are not perfectly fit, hindi proportioned ang body. its a small issue, d naman halata unless some1 meticulously evaluates the car. is this normal?

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    Dec 2003
    there's a good chance they will change your unit since you have low mileage pa. keep your fingers crossed.

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    Sep 2005
    wag kang papayag na hindi palitan.. lalo na kung nadumihan na interior coz of the water leak..

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    Sep 2005
    guys thanks, but i still need your advice and help. coz nadumihan na tlga ang interior and they called yesterday, saying na available ang parts at pwede nang i-repair sa honda makati, i myself told the warranty representative my situation and that im requesting for a change unit. he says he will coordinate with the plant to process my request.

    what if the plant's decision is unfavorable? what can i do?

    pwede rin that they's be lazy to change my unit since this is not the facelifted version and special color pa sakin (purple mica).

    definitely, they will have to make a new one if wla na clang stocks nitong lumang city.

    pls help me and give me some advise on what steps to undertake in case i get an unfair resolution.. thanks

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    Sep 2003
    The Honda casas on the northern-side of MM are owned by the Ayalas and have frequent complaints from Honda car owners. I suggest you get a good lawyer to prod them a bit.

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    Jun 2005
    Three things:

    1. ano body parts ang misaligned? Exterior panels? or interior accessories? Can you elaborate.

    2. I think not the northern (but southern) --- alabang, makati...owned by ayalas. Yong eastern and western --- mla, qc, mkna, fairview...iba rin (yuchengco ata)...ala ako problema sa mkna.

    di ko alam yong iba (kalookan, pasig, etc...) kung sino me ari. Pero nabili mo car mo sa Tarlac ba? Nasabi mo na rin sa kanila di ba. Pero pare-parehong under the umbrella of HCPI yang mga yan.

    3. You might want to visit these:


    pwede ka mag email ("contact us") whichever branch or the HCPI itself sa latter site.

    If I were you, I'd press for a replacement too. But don't worry yet, ala pa naman decision. In the meantime, maki arrange ka for a substitute car dahil sa abala at "inconvenience" that this is causing you.

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    Oct 2003
    if they dont want to grant you a change unit, since i rarely see now the un-facelifted city..(even sa garage ng honda manila, puro facelifted city na lang nandun)..basta they should replace all that should be replaced (without charge of course) and free detailing na get it as brand new ulit as possible...

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    Sep 2005
    sa Honda Makati(Magallanes) meron pang not so new City nakadisplay... bka inuubos n lng.

    Pati price nila wierd sa HCPI website ung 1.3 CVT P641,000 pero sa kanila P648,000 labo... malamang meron p cla units ng not so new City kc sabi ng agent namin un raw ang bumubuhay sa kanila eh...

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