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    Car news from KOTSE.COM

    [SIZE=4]Honda Cars Philippines halts production due to Thailand floods[/SIZE]

    Thailand's worst flood in 50 years has caused damages amounting to as much as US$ 6 billion and claimed the lives of more than 380 people. What began as an overzealous monsoon season in July of 2011 has swept 60 of the country's 77 provinces under flood water in the past few months. The natural disaster inevitably reached Honda Motor Co.'s factories in Thailand, putting its operations to a standstill. As a result, Honda Cars Philippines Inc. (HCPI) is temporarily suspending its local production starting today, November 3, 2011, due to the limited supply of parts coming from Thailand.

    Following the announcement, HCPI officially sent out this message: “Honda deeply regrets any inconvenience this may cause our customers, and request their understanding during these times. Honda and its suppliers are devoting all our efforts to minimize the impact on our customers.”

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    LINK: Honda Cars Philippines halts production due to Thailand floods

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    So sad, sana maka-recover kaagad. This is a big loss for Honda and it's year ending.

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    Hopefully the Thais can get those factories back on line in three months. Even Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Ford will be affected even if their assembly plants weren't flooded out. It's the parts suppliers who are screwed. Huwag na kayong umasa na lilipat yng mga foreign investors dito sa pinas. They'd rather transfer to Vietnam cuz blacklisted tayo. Notice walang effort ginagawa ang gobyerno...

    Thais hope flooded factories back up in 3 months - World - GMA News Online - Latest Philippine News

    BANGKOK - Thailand hopes industrial estates swamped in its worst floods in half a century can be up and running within three months, the prime minister said on Monday, as the danger of central Bangkok being inundated appeared finally to have passed.

    Nearly 400 people have been killed in months of floods that have disrupted the lives of more than 2 million, economic growth has been set back and global supply chains for Thai-made computer and auto parts thrown into disarray.

    Seven industrial estates that have sprung up over the last two decades on what used to be the central plain's rice fields have been overcome by the vast volumes of water.

    Yingluck said it should take three months to rehabilitate the estates, where some foreign investors have built production hubs.

    "We expect after the water recedes the industrial estates will recover within three months if we can release the water and recover the machinery quickly," Yingluck told reporters.

    Thailand is the second-largest exporter of computer hard drives and global prices are rising because of a flood-related shortage of major components used in personal computers.

    Thailand is also Southeast Asia's main auto-parts maker and Japan's Honda Motor Co said car production could be difficult in the second half of its business year ending in March. Its Ayutthaya plant has suspended work indefinitely.

    Honda said the interruption at its Thai plant was expected to disrupt car production in Indonesia, Vietnam and Pakistan, where it uses Thai parts.

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    Karma sa kanila yan..bulok kasi mga nilalabas nilang kotse, puro prestige na lang kuno

CAR NEWS: "Honda Cars Philippines halts production due to Thailand floods"