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    Mar 2010

    Video Here

    It would appear that the timing for the 2012 Honda Civic's unveiling has reached the "any day now" point. Car magazine's Middle East outpost caught the latest version of the popular econo-sedan undergoing desert testing, basically devoid of camouflage. If you were waiting with bated breath for an extraordinarily new and different-looking Civic, stop reading. The 2010 car falls solidly into the "extensive refresh" category rather than a full redesign.

    As you can see in the spy video, the front and rear fascias are updated; a new grille and bumper appear up front, while out back, all-new taillamps will be the most distinguishing visual element on the 2012 car. The overall profile of the Honda Civic sedan is clearly a carryover, however.

    Likewise, the interior has been mildly tweaked with a new steering wheel and some updated trim panels, but it's basically window dressing over the passenger cabin recent Civic owners are familiar with. (The bi-level instrumentation is there, and the radio, HVAC controls, and air vents are all in the same locations as the current car.)

    What powertrain changes (if any) Honda has in store still remain a mystery. Follow the jump for a video of the new Civic out in the wild, and head to Car Middle East for a complete photo gallery of spy pics.

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    Mar 2009
    Okay lang. Nothing great.

    May kamukha lang yung rear niya.

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    Sep 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by renzo_d10 View Post
    Okay lang. Nothing great.

    May kamukha lang yung rear niya.

    Agree. Yung shape nga nya, parang yung dating Honda City.

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    Mar 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by chua_riwap View Post
    Agree. Yung shape nga nya, parang yung dating Honda City.
    yon nga din iniisip ko kasi unang tingin para talagang yung lumang city.

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    Jun 2010
    Looks is kinda divisive. Me? Not liking it at all. But then this could be the USDM and not the JDM version.

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    Sep 2005
    Ultra long dash and now huge double decker dash and a previous city butt.

    What in tarnation happen to the honda civic design team?

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    Jul 2010
    akala ko ako lang napapangitan....

    Wangit nga talaga.....

    sorry Honda lovers.....

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    Dec 2006
    Looks like the long dash is to stay. I like the Civic interior but that really puts me off. Feels like driving a minivan, coupled with the short hood. I love the Civic but that, and the hard seats are my really major gripes.

    I would've preferred they went with an Altis/Cruze style shape wherein the whole car doesn't look like an inverted paraboloid and instead has a proper hood and properly sloping windshield that won't result in an acre of dash.

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    Oct 2002
    Eeewwwww...back to the boring boards...hehe

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    Jun 2009
    yikes ang panget nia. sana joke time lang to

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