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    Nov 2002
    One of this gray MB100's passengers actually went down to reserve any available parking at Tiendesitas a while ago. The driver went around to try looking for a space. When thought I saw a free space, he was already standing in the middle waiting for the van to go back there and park.

    I wasn't afraid of the guy (he's much smaller and didn't look really fit), but the fact that if I forced my way to that particular space, he and his companions just might sabotage my car. I would have won the parking war if I had it my way, but may also find my ride with punctured tires, scratched bodywork and maybe even a shattered windshield. Many people are capable and are willing to do this.

    Personally, it's wrong for a person to actually reserve a parking space. I for one usually drive alone, so I do not have a fair chance to get a space in this kind of scheme. I didn't want to be a coward in that incident, but I just cannot afford to risk getting my car damaged because of a misunderstanding.

    P.S. The plate also seems dubious for a van like that. IIRC, there were no more MB vans for sale when the X plates came out.

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    Oct 2002
    X-plates MB100's are surplus units from Korea. Ex-Ssangyong Istanas.

    Marami talagang ogag sa parking. Just be glad that you have better breeding and culture than those low lifes.

    Sa SM North multilevel naman, ang dami pang available na slots, pero dun pa talaga sa U-turn slot pumaparada (malapit kasi sa hagdan). Stoopid talga. Kailangan ko pa ikutin halos buong level para lang makaalis eh nung nagpark ako, katabi ko yung u-turn slot (I got the last legit space).
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    Dec 2005
    IMO bro., you did the right thing to let it pass.

    Some people are really stubborn and will do things that are unimaginable because of anger..... Besides, you cannot watch your vehicle all the time....


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    May 2006
    Very mature decision

    The slot was not worth the risk. If you had it your way, your anxiety while inside the mall would be enormous further taking the fun away of you being there in the first place.

    By the way, there are benz vans being imported into the country which may be the explanation for the plates.

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    Oct 2002
    What's New its a common scenarios for shopping mallss and restaurants especialy in this seasons. Just keep your heads cool (up and down hahaha)

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    Sep 2006
    tama ginawa mo dude; better safe than sorry. Baka ano pa gawin na vandalism sa oto mo.

    Just last week, while i was looking for parking to visit my mom at the hospital yung maid namin that accompanied me went down my car and "reserved" a slot for me. Gulat nga ako sa ginawa nya, pinagsabihan ko nga eh na mali ang ganun. Sa mga moviehouse and food court lang mga ganun na gawain; NOT in a parking lot...

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    Feb 2006
    Sir squala, pag-iwan na nila yung MB100, put pebble into tire valve...

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    Dec 2005
    Been with this same senario before sa parking lot ng sm manila tumayo din sa slot ang tanong ko san sasakyan nila sabi ba naman "NANDIYAN NA SA BABA KUMUKUHA NG TICKET" (eh nasa third level na yung parking na yun. ogag talaga) then I replied umalis ka diyan at baka masagasaan pa kita kawawa naman ako.

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    Jan 2006
    Sir squala tama po un ginawa mo, mas may breeding ka sa kanila kahit pa sabihing MB un sasakyan nila.

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    Jun 2006
    sarap sagasaan no?! same thing happened to me twice already.. some people just really choose to be unreasonably stupid sometimes.

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