Coming from Manila using South Superhighway (Osmena Boulevard) and you would like to go to the Makati Business District via the one way De La Rosa St. (under the Buendia flyover), you will be disoriented with the traffic light.

First you wait for the Superhighway cor Gil Puyat traffic light to go green for left turn and straight.

When cleared, you drive a few meters to be stopped by a second traffic light which controls the vehicles from Makro crossing over.

When OK, you move a few meters to be a few meters off the railroad tracks. This third traffic light under the flyover near the railroad track is confusing. It does not tell you whether it is ok to proceed to De La Rosa. Because it flashes red and the cars on the superhighway from SLEX are also on stop.

You need the assistance of a traffic enforcer to tell you it is ok to proceed.

Finally you proceed with caution careful not to hit the passing train.