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    Oct 2002
    Got this "forwarded email" - a story on a modus operandi in C5. Unfortunately I HAVE YET to confirm the authenticity of the story.

    I posted it here kasi mukhang yung modus operandi is the "action plan" of the victim is pedeng magaya in case of this type of emergency.

    >>> Liza Glodoviza 8/31/2007 6:47:26 AM >>>

    Dear All,
    I was a victim of supposedly simple "hit-and-run" incident last night.
    At C5 fly over Pasig (near RFM and URC) on my way home from the office
    at around 9:45PM, in a wide open road two motorcyles (1 with a backride)
    tried to cross over my path..the first one (without a backride) bumped
    into my left front bumper..It didn't stop and rushed ahead. The other
    one with the backride observed me for a while if I would stop then
    eventually went ahead..Another dark gray lancer car was at my back, did
    not overtake me until I reached the Caltex station in Libis where I
    normally drop Puyee. I knew immediately the motives of the two
    motorcycles which led me to continue driving and look for a safe place
    to stop. I therefore dragged the front bumper which I knew was almost
    detached and true enough when I reached the nearest gasoline station it
    was finally dis-engaged. The gray car that escorted me from the fly over
    all the way to Caltex station (could not see the plate number well but I
    knew it started LTL...) swiftly disappeared. There was no police in the
    area but a tow truck containing 3 men instantly appeared but I just
    ignored them, later disappeared also. According to bystanders, crews
    and security guard of Caltex, it is a modus operandi in C5 that has not
    been intercepted and resolved for quite some time now.

    I really suspected it was another planned robbery or carnap episode
    which is getting so rampant in the C5 area. I recall my husband's story
    of a father he met in La Salle Antipolo with the same scenario. Two men
    from a car behind got into his car and drove him to a nearby ATM forcing
    him to withdraw his money from his ATM accounts and make a cash advance
    from all his credit cards. After that he was blindfolded, handcuffed and
    dropped in another area. I was conscious of that story last night which
    prompted me to make noise ( blew my horn and turned on my hazard lights)
    until I arrived at the Caltex station

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    Jun 2005
    Noted. True or not, let's take extra precaution always.

    :beer: [SIZE="1"]3209[/SIZE]

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    Oct 2006
    if this is true, do you have all the right to bump these a**holes habang pinopormahan ka palang nila sa ganitong situation? since nakamotor sila and heck even if i'm just driving the smallest car around (example: alto) these motorcycles are just riding on 2 wheels and balance, one nudge and their off to kingdom come..

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    Sep 2003
    Thanks for the reminder WT.

    True or not, kailangang lagi ingat.

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    Jan 2007
    Talaga nga naman tong mga hayop na to, magkaron lang ng pera gagawin lahat.

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    Jan 2007
    true or not ingat nalang.sana man lang meron umaksyon dyan atleast pinpointed ang area.

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    May 2007
    True or not true, we should all be vigilant when driving to avoid scenarios such as this.

    Kailangan talaga nating mag-ingat lalo na at malapit na ang pasko. Dumadami ang mga nagiging desperado sa pera.

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    since the crew and security guard of the said gasoline station is aware of that modus operandi, how come theres no police in sight? Dapat yan may mga nakadeploy dyan para maprevent yang ganyang masamang gawain. Very bad naman yang experience mong yan.

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    Oct 2002
    makes one think...hindi kaya mga pulis o bataan ng pulis ang mga gumagawa kaya ang area is not monitored ng pulis during that time.

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    Oct 2002
    dapat ngang laging meron pulis sa area na yan eh madalas din ang accident dyan.............baka nga kasabwat ang pulis sa modus na yan...pag binangga mo naman yan kaw pa me kasalanan...buti na lang alert ka.

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