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    TMG ordered to refund owners of commemorative plates
    By Cecille Suerte Felipe
    The Philippine Star 10/13/2005

    Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General Arturo Lomibao yesterday ordered the Traffic Management Group (TMG) to refund car owners who had availed of the PNP-TMG commemorative plates.

    Lomibao directed TMG director Chief Superintendent Ricardo Quinto to return the money of buyers since the Land Transportation Office (LTO) does not honor the validity of the TMG commemorative plates under the "no-plate, no-travel" policy.

    The PNP chief issued the order following mounting complaints from motorists who availed of the commemorative plates, but were eventually flagged down and fined by other traffic enforcers.

    Superintendent Wilfredo Elli, a TMG finance officer, said the TMG was selling the commemorative plates at P1,500 each, but some enterprising traffic policemen managed to sell them from P3,000 to P5,000, without issuing any receipts.

    "Those who availed of the commemorative plates did not hesitate to pay extra, thinking they would be exempted from the number coding scheme and other traffic regulations," one source said.

    According to some commemorative plate holders, they were fined at least P5,000 for not displaying the LTO-issued license plates.

    Traffic enforcers of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority and deputized agents of the LTO have refused to honor the PNP-TMG plates after they failed to secure the approval of the Department of Transportation and Communications.

    Police sources said the PNP-TMG leadership initially thought they could easily obtain a DOTC permit as part of their anniversary fund raising activities since DOTC Secretary Leandro Mendoza himself was a former policeman.

    However, the implementation of the "no-plate, no-travel" policy by then National Anti-Kidnapping Task Force chief Angelo Reyes resulted in the apprehension of vehicles with expired or unauthorized plates.

    The campaign includes the seizure of sirens and blinkers from unauthorized vehicles.

    Elli said that they sold at least 300 TMG plates since their anniversary in December 2004.

    "We are ready to return their money, but they should give us back the license plates," Elli said, adding they have kept the proceeds of the fund-raising project intact.

    The proceeds of the TMG commemorative plates were intended to fund a scholarship program.

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    hehe ayus.

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    Jun 2005
    Nagamit na raw ang pera eh. Ibalik na lang ang LTO plate and charge it to experience.

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    as expected.

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    naalala ko tuloy... may ka debate yata ako dito about TMG plates... hehehe.

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    Only 300 issued? Seems like 3,000. Even cars in the provinces have these plates.

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    syempre 300 lang sasabihin, baka yun nalang ang intact na pera hahaha

TMG ordered to refund owners of PNP-TMG comm plates