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    Sep 2006
    our driver parked the car outside in front of our house. he believe it would be safe there since I also do it sometimes and there are people who are guarding the whole block. (we know them) when they woke up in the morning, deym! 3 scratches, one for each panel on the left side of the car. take note that its not just simple scratch. the scratches are deep and they even have shapes. f!&k! near the brake lamp the scratch is about 5 inches or more. on the passenger door the line is sloping for about 8-10 inches and just a horizontal one on the driver side. what is wrong with these people? the cars right now ain't cheap and yet they will put scratch on it? this happens to me twice on different car. im so disappointed with the attitude of some people here in metro manila. IRON FIST dapat! and by the way 2 other cars of our neighbors also suffer from these people.

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    Sep 2003
    dapat siguro you park your car sa garahe. kung wala kayo garahe find a pay parking na monthly ang bayad safe pa car mo.

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    Jan 2003
    im used to these type of people... once, there were kids who are intentionaly removing the stickers of a relative's starex like it was some kind of sticker on a wall... sometimes, kids create those scratches by dragging toys on the sides... i had a tail light busted because some kids hit my tail light with "patpat" bwisit talaga ako nun! it cost me 1.5 k just to replace that tail light... now i always make sure na may paparadahan ako na maayos, kung wala, hindi ako lalayo sa sasakyan. and right now, i make sure neighbors know how i get angry para iwas sila sa properties ko....

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    Sep 2004
    Nangyayari talaga yun. Ako nga, napitikan ng rear wiper sa loob ng office parking facility namin eh. Couple of days ago, I discovered na ninakawan ako ng front and rear tire valve covers (right side). Buti na lang may mga spare covers ako sa bahay, hinigpitan ko na lang using pliers para medyo mas mahirap kunin.

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    Apr 2006
    madami talgang ganyan brod. S kabarkada ko b-new na toyota innova may gas gas agad door to door. Kay mamar meron din naka park yng kotse nila sa tapat nila dati tas pag dating ng umaga gumalwa na yng kotse na banga pala kalimutan ko kng what car un. kaya park at your own risk hehehe

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    Sep 2006
    hay, nakakabadtrip talaga. whooossaahhhh! i wonder what is inside those people's mind. sobrang hassle. tinamad nanaman magpasok ng sasakyan yung driver namin. napapakamot na lang parents ko eh. pagawa ko na lang d2 sa talyer lapit samin. 2200/panel, ok na ba un? ok gumawa. malinis and kilala ko nanaman.

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    Mar 2006
    Nangyari narin sakin yan sa sir ko pinag tripan ng rugby boys sobrang badtrip talaga ako kasi kitang kita ko nung ginawa nila eh! they got whats coming to them!:twak:

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    Jul 2005
    hayyy nakuh ewan nga ba, bakit me mga ganyan na tao.

    Dati tuwa tuwa ako mag-wax ng auto namin( trying to apply yung detailing info). Tapos isang umaga na lang me mahaba scratch dun sa likod. As in width length ng kotse. Wala naman ako na-agrabyado dun sa parking. Hindi na kaya ng rubbing.

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    Jul 2005
    Ganyan din dito sa amin, yun van namin ang daming scratches pag pinapark sa labas, mostly from those kids who are biking and unfortunately nagigitgit nila. So my mom told me not to park the car outside because you never know, baka may mga naiinggit especially kapag bago yun kotse mo.

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    Sep 2006
    Dun sa dati kong tinirahang apartment shared kasi ang garahe so mga 4 na tsikot nakapark. LAHAT ng tsikot dun (pati sakin) may isang metrong gasgas (1m) sa driver side panel. as in lahat ng kotse identical ang gasgas.

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st*p#d people!!!