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    Oct 2002

    Thanks wiretap, that makes me feel better. I'll definitely go for the shocks first but the sad thing is, according to RATS, they'll only give me a week to decide to upgrade my springs as well so that I can avail of the 2 year warranty. If I buy springs and shocks separately, I'll only get 1 year warranty.


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    Feb 2004
    in fairness, shocks alone would give you just the one year warranty.

    the whole suspension set-up with springs, damper and shocks, gives you the 2 year warranty but you have to submit your vehicle to their 500 and 5000 kilometer check-ups inorder to comply.
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    Oct 2002
    Hmmmm....I just confirmed it with arb. Yup its true. Policy ng RATS talaga. I think a possible explanation for this policy is because the shocks will have to work harder if combined with stock springs since hindi progressive ang dampening ng stock shocks. OME springs have progressive coil turns. we go again...