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    Oct 2002
    got this from my email...


    i'm forwarding you a warning i got today about a new hold-up technique. stay

    This is the same thing that happened to me last June 21, 2004. I hailed a
    cab at The Landmark Mall going to SM City, where I was supposed to meet my
    friends going to Sta. Clara church. The description below matched the cab
    driver, who was also wearing a cap, kinda long-faced, has fair complexion.
    It was extremely terrifying as all along, the 2nd guy was just inside the
    trunk of the car. The driver will slowly pull down his car to give chance
    for the 2nd guy to get out of the trunk, and will just surprise you from
    behind. I always lock my doors,but since the car was auto-locked, the driver
    will just let his companion in easily. The 2nd guy was really short, around
    5'1, 5'2 in height, really thin, OBVIOUS NA DRUG ADDICT. He was carrying a
    knife and will pres s it against your neck and waist. His parting words was
    the same, "Tumakbo ka na bilisan mo, P.I.!!, kundi papatayin kita, pasalamat
    ka di ako pumapatay ng babae, pag nagkataon, ngayon pa lang!!"They dropped
    me somewhere in New York, Cubao. Before letting you go, the 2nd guy will
    search your pockets just to be sure if there were valuables left.

    I reported the crime to the nearby PNP station and they said this was the
    first time they heard of this Modus Operandi. I was really glad that they
    just let me go but the experience is extremely traumatic. So please, please
    if you know of relatives, friends, officemates or whoever, who's taking a
    cab, be careful and extra vigilant. It was unfortunate for me not to get the
    plate no. of the car,which was a first as I always tell or text somebody the
    plate no. of the cab im riding in. The Nissan car is white, probably 99 or
    2000 model. Pass around please...

    > > I was mugged just last night.
    > >
    > > I hailed a cab from our office (in Araneta QC, Talayan side) going to SM
    > > north around 6:30pm. My usual practice is that I ask the guards on duty
    > > to hail for me. However, this time I did not bother them and hailed the
    > > cab
    > > myself.
    > >
    > > A white nissan sentra pulled in front of me and I stepped in. I told
    > > the driver my destination and he went straight ahead. I figured we were
    > > taking the del monte route to SM so I asked him to confirm if this was
    > > He
    > > said yes, so I sat back (I was seated at the back, right most seat).
    > >
    > > Traffic was kinda heavy in delmonte so the driver turned left somewhere
    > > before the roosevelt/del monte intersection. It was going fairly
    > > smooth.
    > > As was my usual practice, I tried to read the name of the taxi and its
    > > bo dy number which are usually written/painted on the doors. I just
    > > the
    > > taxi name (PLS NOTE: VAN JAZEM) but no body number. I tried to see any
    > > dispalyed ID, but there was none. The driver was wearing a cap and
    > > adjusted
    > > the rearview mirror in such a way that I cannot clearly see his face.
    > >
    > > Somewhere in Paltok, Ilaw street to be exact, i felt something moving
    > > behind my seat. I asked the driver "bakit gumagalaw yung upuan", and
    > > was
    > > when somebody (apparently hiding inside the back seat) came out and held
    > me
    > > in the neck with something sharp. the driver told me "tumahimik ka na
    > > lang" since I was screaming pretty loudly and was already in a panic by
    > > that
    > > time.
    > >
    > > All the while the guy from behind me took my bag from me and was trying
    > > to search my sides/pockets for anything else valuable. I pleaded and
    > > screamed and tried to open the door at the same time. Then they asked
    > > to get
    > > off.
    > >
    > > At first I was still trying to plead. I asked them to spare me
    > > at least some money so I can take off from wherever it is we are now. I
    > > even
    > > asked them to at least allow me one phone call so i can have someone
    > > me up
    > > if ever. OF course they did not heed that. They insisted that I gt off
    > > immediately. I was still trying to appeal to pity (!) when the driver
    > > yelled "bumaba ka na, papatayin na kita". then the guy behind me told
    > > me, "bumaba ka na!".
    > >
    > > And so I got off. I was still screaming by the time some passersby saw
    > > me.they asked what happened. and they accompanied me to some nearby
    > > where i was able to c all home and asked for help.
    > >
    > > I asked the good samaritans to get me back to my office (araneta) since
    > > it is where I asked to be fetched. They were kind hearted enough to do
    > > that.
    > >
    > > We have reported this incident with the Baler police station.
    > >
    > > SO there. please please be careful when hailing cabs. Even the police
    > > were
    > > surprised with this new Modus operandi where the other guy is hidden
    > > inside the back seat.
    > >
    > > It was unfortunate the I lost some of my savings and phone and other
    > > personal effects. But I will be forever thankful that no harm was done
    > > to me.

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    Mar 2004
    bad trip yan ah. subukan nya lang sa akin makikita nya kung gaano katalim yung spyderco sa pocket ko.

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    Oct 2002
    traumatic nga yan..

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    Dec 2003
    Oo nga traumatic ang mga ganyan pangyayari.Ayoko na yata sumakay ng taxi..

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    Jul 2004
    badtrip talaga dito sa Pilipinas.... lahat ng tactics sa pagnanakaw iniisip nila... sobrang hirap na talaga siguro ng buhay ngayon

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    Nov 2003
    Sana pag ginawa nila ulit yun, masufocate yung magnanakaw sa trunk!!! Sakay na lang tayo sa taxi na hatchback parang walang taguan! .... Pero baka under the engine hood naman magtago magnanakaw.... hehe! ^_^

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    Nov 2002
    grabe naman yan...

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    Jan 2003
    mga tsikoteers hanapin na lng natin yan taxi na yan para kung na chempohan natin. it really makes my blood boils pag na ririnig ko ang holdup. nakaka gigil yun mga taong ganyan sarap patayin mga low life scumbags na wlang magawa sa buhay. sana mag ka deathsquad na rin tyo d2 para sa mga holdupers

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    Oct 2002
    tsk tsk kaya ako kahit hindi ko na pinagtataxi ang mga kapatid ko. kahit malayo pa ang pagsusunduan ko sa kanila ok lang.

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    Mar 2003
    Originally posted by 27th_Faktory
    mga tsikoteers hanapin na lng natin yan taxi na yan para kung na chempohan natin. it really makes my blood boils pag na ririnig ko ang holdup. nakaka gigil yun mga taong ganyan sarap patayin mga low life scumbags na wlang magawa sa buhay. sana mag ka deathsquad na rin tyo d2 para sa mga holdupers
    paano kung nakita nga natin yung taxi na yan....sino tatawagan or hihingi ng tulong?

    madalas ako sa Araneta & New York Cubao area...

    (baka makatulong lang po)..

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