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    Dec 2002
    FYI. Be careful, times are really bad.

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    From: Maurice R. Calingo [mailto:mrcalingo*]
    Sent: Friday, August 06, 2004 9:05 AM
    To: beldoratan*; botski_liz*; clark_114*; dmacaspac*; eab*; giselle.samia*;

    It might be a good idea to program your keyless entry open only the
    driver's door.

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    From: SPI [mailto:mluakian*]
    Sent: Thursday, August 05, 2004 7:47 PM
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    Subject: [BMWCarClubPh] FW: hold-up

    Please be careful guys!

    Mike Luakian
    +(63917) 538-6688

    This is first hand information which really happened to me last
    Monday, July 26, 1:30 pm at Cash and Carry supermarket in Makati. I
    was held-up right inside my van.

    How did it happen-----> di ba keyless entry na ngayon all cars. So
    when I click the RC, all doors open. As soon as I sit down
    simultaneous with putting on the key, the man entered on the right
    back door and immediately grabbed my neck. So, normal reaction---> I
    struggled, tried to get the key and open the door but did not
    succeed. While struggling, I already asked him what does he want, and
    definitely money and the cellphone.Then I suddenly remember those
    news who died just bec of the cellphone and my 3 kids were on my
    mind. So I calmed down, open up my wallet and showed him how much
    money I have, which was only P800.00 . But after I gave it, I tried
    to disengaged his hands on me again and even put my feet on the
    dashboard so that somebody could see me. I put my wallet on my lap
    and he recognized that im still protecting something inside my
    wallet. So, he got the wallet from me and got all other cash that
    were secretly kept but I told him not to get my license (mabait
    naman, he just really took all the money left. And I was able to
    haggle with him to get my simcard on my cellphone, which he gave

    He handcuffed me first on the steering wheel while removing the sim
    card and while searching for other valuables in my car. He got the
    one piece of earring which fell on the passenger's seat but he did
    not get the one on my ear, he didn't even get my watch and ring. And
    to my surprise, he even asked if my passport is also there (I found
    out that it can be sold also).

    When he was done getting all those valuables, I saw him cutting a big
    scotch tape which he placed on my mouth. I told him not to hurt me
    since I am a single mom of three kids and im just an ordinary person
    working. Then he asked me to sit on the passenger seat (this was the
    scenario that I was really scared, bec I only see it happens in the
    movies) and put my handcuff hands on the headdress and tied my hands
    there (while tying me, he was pacifying me that he will not hurt me
    and even said "pasensya na, may sakit lang anak ko"). And then he was
    able to leave the car na.

    So as soon as he left, I tried to grab and open the door with my feet
    but noticed that im tied loosely so I managed to removed it and
    immediately went out of my car and went to the Security guard. So
    policemen came and removed my handcuff. I did not report anymore the
    incident because I felt that it's useless since our police force is
    not efficient anyway. I heard that even in public parking like Park
    Square, there are similar incidents that happened.

    Lessons from this incident ---->
    1. Be watchful on those persons near your car before you enter (avoid
    using your cellphone).
    2. Don't put too dark tints, though it's not also safe to have no
    tints at all.
    3. Have presence of mind. Just be calm and learn how to negotiate in
    the process (just imagine I was able to get my simcard and he didn't
    even take my whole wallet, which contains my license and ATM cards
    and credit cards.)
    4. Make it a habit to lock your car as soon as you enter, even before
    putting the key.
    5. Don't ever click your RC if you are still far from your car.
    6. If possible just lock your door with the key (but yes, your alarm
    is not on when you do this) so that when you open it, only the
    driver's door can be opened. (I think most of the Toyota cars open
    this way, but not with Honda cars, so just please check your car

    After this incident, I felt so blessed because there is something
    much worse that could have happen to me. Reason why I shared this
    incident, is a way of thanking God that I am still in good condition
    after that, and I am still alive for my three loving sons.

    I hope you will forward this to your friends, especially to those
    women who always drive alone.

    God Bless everyone!

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    Oct 2002
    Ang tindi ng pa ngangailangan non.. tanghaling tapat kumana sa sa parking to think na dami rin naman lagi tao dyan.. Hindi ba Open parking yan???
    Last edited by NightRock; August 10th, 2004 at 08:33 AM.

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    Oct 2002
    kawawa... natsambahan siya ng nangangailangan...

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    Mar 2004
    Always look before you unlock your vehicle. Always look before you go down to open your gate or before you blow your horn to have the helpers open the gate. If there are suspicious characters near your gate, drive on.

    A friend's car got "carnapped" in Makati while she went down to open her gate. A guy went in and drove her car away. She was confident since just a few meters away there was a barangay tanod post. But the tanod assumed it was just a lover's quarrel when she tried to chase and grab the guy in the car. She has been doing this routine for the past few years.

    They were able to trace the location of the car since her BF has high position in telecom company. The car was just in Makati and the police kept on bungling up while looking for a Corolla when they told them it was a Civic. So they decided to look for the car themselves. Turns out it was just a robbery, the thief took her laptop, cell phone, palm. The extra cell phone inside the glove compartment was still there that is how they were able to track down the location of the car using the cell sites.

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    Oct 2002
    maraming modus operandi na lumalabas talaga ngayon sa kahirapan ng buhay...

    haayy buhay....

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    Oct 2002
    delikado talaga dyan sa area ng bangkal hanggang andres bukid.

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    Jun 2004
    actually matagal na yung operandi na yun, madalas talaga sa van, suv, fx or pick-up. kasi hindi mo kita ang tao sa kabila, unless titignan mo bago ka sumakay.

    ingat lang talaga kailangan, kasi hindi natin alam isa sa atin susubukin ding holdapin.

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    Oct 2002
    ingat na lang mga kababayan...

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    Feb 2003
    i just read this post. and we always frequent cash and carry and parksquare. tsk.

    careful careful.

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    Apr 2004
    tsk.tsk.tsk..sorry for what happened.

    i'm always thinking after getting up in the morning what new struggle in life each one faces..naalala ko agad pamilya ko and their daily activities, office works, getting household provisions, going to banks, pay bills..very depressing in fact..

    but i still believe the ever presence of their guardian angels..

    otherwise, guhit nalang ng palad 'yan..

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