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    Jan 2005
    this is a story to rant on how some people can be total azzhats and fok-ups.

    last october 27, 2005, evening, my friend's younger brother was driving her altis on his way to his duty as a nursing undergrad. in C5 facing market market, heading towards the libis direction, a delivery truck in front of him, TWA 406, backed up onto the altis. even though my friend's brother was at a safe distance and he honked the horn numerous times to get the driver's attention, no-go, it still hit the car. the hood was misaligned a bit by 2 inches on the right side, the grille pushed in a good 2 inches too, deep gashes on the front bumper (a bit more on the right side), and of course, the front bumper was pushed back a bit so that it now isn't aligned with the front fenders. this happened about 8pm. and car doesn't have any insurance.

    now get this. the truck driver still insisted on making his delivery at sugarland near boni! okay, so he's azzhat #1. driver's name is carmelo palaco barcelon (driver's license # D16-04-298406, other info my friend was able to list down). at this point, my friend's brother asked her to rush over and just switch with any car available so that he won't be late for work. my friend took over, got azzhat #1's license as a safeguard, and tailed him while he insisted on making his delivery. i was over at SM bicutan that time, so i rushed over to try and meet them up, as support and whatever should sh1t happen. because it was raining hard at that time, azzhat 1 was driving so slow, i got to catch them at sugarland. it is now about near 11pm. and so i tailed along. azzhat 1 said they would be going over to the owner's place in marikina. lo and behold, it was actually in antipolo! it's about a bit past midnight already.

    and so my friend talked to the owner. shiela gonzales. okay, she's azzhat #2. luckily, my friend was able to get a written agreement from her that they would shoulder the repairs courtesy of the insurance company. we all part ways at about past 3am, friday. my friend actually got sick again because she was sick before that and the rain got things worse.

    since it was a rather long holiday (grrrr holiday politics. gah), we got to finish up estimates and all the requirements the next week. we also got a copy of azzhat's insurance policy. my friend calls up the insurance company and the people there says that the only papers we need to pass would be the OR/CR of the altis, pictures of the damage, and an estimate from their accredited repair shop. we drop off the papers at azzhat 2's place last november 5, 2005, saturday after lunch. we tell them that the ball's literally in their court now, they better get this fixed asap as school's gonna start and my friend needs her car (it was grounded because of the accident and her dad didn't want the car running around unless it was fixed). oh, and azzhat 2's husband recieves the paper. we can call him azzhat # 3.

    everyday since monday, we have been following up with both azzhat #2 and 3, they even keep saying that we still had incomplete stuff (yeah, so what did the insurance company tell us? they pulled our leg?!) and counterchecking with the insurance company states the contrary, we have all the necessary documents while the azzhats have ZERO documents yet. this lasted until just this friday. i got to talk to azzhat #3 and he says proudly, "we got all the stuff" you can just pick them up (we got tired of all the BS flying around, we'd rather handle the papers instead of letting them. besides, i'm also allergic to BS). and so we have a man's agreement that i will pick up the papers (OR/CR of the truck, copy of the driver's licence of azzhat #1, copy of their insurance policy, and whatever stuff) at about 6am saturday, which was earlier today.

    i arrive at their place 6am after work, nobody was answering, waited for almost an hour. turns out, they all left, leaving their helper behind. poor helper, blew my top with the guy (oh okay, gay). calmed a bit though when he/she (hehehehe) said that azzhat #2 and 3 themselves said to not entertain our inquiries anymore, but he said that he couldn't that the BS that his azzhat bosses were asking him to do. we get the papers from their store nearby, but it only had a copy of the policy and the OR/CR of the truck. no driver's license! so much for being complete. thanks, azzhat #3. you got no balls man. i would've challenged you to a circle of equals to the death if you'd only show your gay azz and be a man and if only that'd mean giving me some pleasure from all the crap you keep tossing our way. your gay helper's more man than you, i tell ya. at least the helper's sympathetic to our cause and is willing to notify us once the driver arrives from his vacation in cavite so we could have the license xeroxed, so i leave him my contact numbers and my friend's contact number as well (i only gave one contact number to protect her).

    trivia. their helper confessed, just yesterday, azzhat #2 had backed up into someone and i don't know, most likely is gonna try and delay facing the music like what they were doing to us.

    another trivia. one of their trucks had bumped a guy on a motorbike last july, and it was their fault. and guess what? until now, no progress on the insurance claim because according to the insurance company, azzhat's part never followed-up or handled the claim.

    at least their helper's leaving them on the 22nd. hopefully he won't get mixed up with such azzhat company. poor guy. a salute to him for keeping up with all the crap and finally choosing to go and not be a bad guy, and good luck in whatever he chooses to be in.

    now as for azzhat's're lucky. my friend and i did our best to avoid her dad getting involved. because if her dad gets involved, crap will fly all over the place and it ain't gonna be pretty, that's a fact, jack. even the mention of taking legal action doesn't seem to affect azzhat's thick skin and empty skull. and you shiela gonzales, the nerve of you to even be the one who's acting arrogant! i wonder how your parents raised you. oh wait. the helper did say that your folks are as arrogant as well, so no surpise there then.

    as a backup plan, would it be possible to secure a certification or something from LTO that the info about azzhat #1's info, aka truck driver, is correct and to be submitted to the insurance company?

    we're also trying to ask if the insurance company could make do with the requirements as azzhat's party are clearly pulling BS all over us and we are not stupid to just take this lying down without a fight. after all, my friend's the inconvenienced party and it isn't fair that they get inconvenienced more. the insurance company by the way is with ucpb.

    okay, that was a long-winded story/rant.

    i just had to vent. i pity my friend. she's so stressed out from all this, she hasn't even recovered that well, always sick. that's why i volunteered from the start to be the one to help her, even if it means spending my rest time escorting her/driving for her while fixing the requirements.
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    sorry to about that bro, hope this case gets settled soon.

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    Feb 2005
    Dapat hindi kayo umalis sa scene. May police precinct na malapit duon. Report mo na lang sa TMG na hit and run. Ang bait mo naman na kaibigan talagang inaasikaso mo. HEHE maganda ba? Kaibigan lang ba talaga? joke joke

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    Jan 2005
    that was the problem. i kept telling her to block the truck so that they don't go anywhere while i rush over there (and traffic pa sa C5 that time). di na siya nakaisip din ng maayos, gulong-gulo na nga and previously kasi she's been in accidents a couple of times in the past 2 weeks.

    badtrip talaga. sarap sakalin yung mga kumag na yun.

    yes, friend lang. binasted na niya ako last year. pero ako may fault nun. haha.

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    Aug 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by nugundam93
    yes, friend lang. binasted na niya ako last year. pero ako may fault nun. haha.
    no wonder very helpful ka. hehehe.

    goodluck sa pag-aasikaso niyo. nangyari na rin yan sa sister ko. butas yung hood ng civic pero buti na lang ok kausap yung owner ng truck. hope your friend's car gets fixed.

    azzhats-> <- nugundam

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    Jan 2004
    Baka pwede pang ipa-blotter para lang may record...

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    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by nugundam93
    yes, friend lang. binasted na niya ako last year. pero ako may fault nun. haha.
    matulungin. maginoo. matapang. ano pa bang hahanapin nya?

    sana maayos na yan soon bro...pag nagtagal pa magawa auto nya, wag mo na pilitin pabilisin... blessing in disguise yan..... pwede ka lagi maghatid-sundo

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    Jul 2005
    If you put cost on your time, efforts and stress, no win situation talaga. Now, imagine a similar incident happening in one of your trips to the provinces. That's what happened to a friend of mine driving an expensive German car in the north and the damage was far worse. Buti na lang comprehensive insurance nya.

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    Sep 2003
    pag ako nabangga next time at kasalanan ng bumangga.. I will immediately demand a spot cash payment for my insurance participation (mga 6K din), pag wala silang cash and nag-offer na babayaran daw bukas at pipirma sila sa isang contract.. I will NOT agree anymore, I will call 171 para may police/mmda/etc na dumating at magawan ng police report at sketch...

    dati kasi eh nung meron kotse na sumabit sa likod ko pumayag ako na 1K muna bigay nya at dadalhin ng driver nya yung additonal 2K, pumirma pa sya sa "I PROMISE TO PAY" letter na ginawa ko hehe..

    then, hindi dumating yung additional payment/settlement.. and hindi na sinasagot yung cellphone nya.. 1 month has passed at walang nangyari....

    hindi na ako nagsampa ng demanda or nagpa-blotter, pinasa-diyos ko na lang at pinatawad ko na lang yung tao kahit tinakasan ako.. para hindi na ako ma-STRESS..

    so ngayon natatawa na lang ako sa nangyari kahit ako pa gumastos sa repair.. mahirap kasi ng stressed out at hindi ka makakatulog sa gabi kakaisip sa mga ganong azzh*le na tao..
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    Jan 2005
    Pinakamaganda parin ang magpa police report kung may aksidente para at least may habol ka pa.

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