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    Apr 2008

    MPD taps into law enforcement database

    Tuesday, September 23, 2008 The Manila Police District (MPD) will launch today a new crime-fighting scheme that involves linking up with the database of three law enforcement agencies.
    The scheme, called Automatic License Plate Recognition System (ALPRS), uses a Blackberry wireless device linked to the database of the National Bureau of Investigation, Land Transportation Office and Highway Patrol Group.
    According to MPD director Chief Superintendent Roberto Rosales, the LTO link-up will enable police mobile patrol units to instantly verify driver’s licenses and vehicle registration. Close-circuit television cameras installed on police cars will capture the vehicle’s license plates and instantly compare them with the database of “hot cars.” Once a license plate is tagged, an alert is sent to all mobile patrol units to arrest the driver and seize the vehicle. The MPD is the first police force in the country to use the ALPRS, which is currently being used by the police worldwide, Rosales added.
    “This preventive measure is expected to deter criminals from roaming around using stolen cars. It will also protect our policemen since they can verify license plates from a safe distance,” Rosales said.
    The launching of the ALPRS will coincide with today’s blessing and inauguration of the MPD chapel and the police headquarter’s multi-purpose hall built at more than P5 million, which came from the Countrywide Development Fund of Manila Rep. Amado Bagatsing. – Nestor Etolle

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    if this is in the goon squad section, then alam ko na kung bakit. delikado bigyan ang kapulisan ng sobrang hi-tech na ganyan. they're not ready for these technologies

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    Article not in quotes, and no source link. Can't you guys read the rules?!!

    Closing thread.

MPD Links up w/ LTO, NBI, and Highway Patrol