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    Mar 2005
    remember when a truck rammed the rear end of my ride... well! guess what!! it's still not settled till now because the insurance of the truck is full of crap! even the insured is getting mad at them... because next week is goin to be the 2nd month that the car hasnt been repaired and i havent had a report... considering that i'm the one who's making the follow ups everyday. and they told me this. "sir sorry may kailagan pang itanong yung adjuster namin dun sa insured namin" WTF!!! are they out of their minds!!! kausap ko na yung insured nila and lahat ng requirements ng both parties nabigay na namin and twice na pumunta yung driver na nakabangga sakin! considering lahat ng trucks and private cars ng insured eh lahat naka insured sa kanila. hindi pa ba sila nahihiya sakin or dun man lang sa insured nila. HELLO!!!??? it's 2 months na kaya next week! ano pa ba balak nila?! kalawangin yung auto ko bago nila ibigay yung report? btw guys! eto pala yung name ng Insurance - " ORIENTAL Insurance" now may dad's gone mad na. he's goin' to sue the insured not the insurance anymore.. kapal talaga ng mukha ng insurance company na yan! deadly talaga kung magtrabaho.. puro palusot nalnag ang ginagawa.. i told the insurance and the insured that my dad gave me direct orders to tell them to settle the dispute within the week... if not.. it's not my fault anymore... isipin nyo yun. ang bait bait ko sa kanila for the span of almost 2 months now. they even said na hindi daw pwede pagawa sa casa?!? HELL NO! 2 years pala yung auto! mahiya naman sila sa balat nila tapos gusto dun sa accredited shop nila. baka ilagay lang dun yung mga chop chop na galing pa sa pampanga yun eh. what do u think guys?! i do have the right to get mad na din d ba?! kasi almost 2 months na and wala pa rin nangyayari.. complete naman yung papers ko and all necessary documents!!! hay... share ko lang yung insurance company na yan that really sucks!!!
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    Jan 2004
    You can always threaten them with litigation. Although, of course, you should be pushing the offending party and not the insurance co. Technically, dapat ang kausap mo lang yung nakabangga sa 'yo. Sila ang dapat mang-harass dun sa insurance nila. In the end, ang liable pa rin sa 'yo ay yung naka-bangga.

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    Oct 2002
    ang bait mo naman at naipaabot mo ng 2 months!

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    May 2005
    hindi pa pwede pagawa na muna sa insurance mo ... tapos yung insurance mo yung humabol sa insurance nung bumangga?

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    Jan 2005
    that sucks big time. pero ganun talaga yan.. is there any way your Insurance can deal with the other Partyand their Insurer as well? yng tipong Insurance mo na gagawa na ng paraan para hindi ka na abala. kaya nga nandyan ang mga yan para wala ka nang abala but what's happening is the other way around.

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    Jun 2004
    Pwede ka sigurong mag-file ng reklamo sa Insurance Commission cause they are the governing body for Insurance companies. Worst case, sa insurance mo na lang ikaw mag-claim then pabayaran mo na lang sa bumanga sa iyo iyung participation. Then insurance mo lang ang hahabol sa insurance ng bumanga sa iyo.

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    Feb 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by doublea
    Pwede ka sigurong mag-file ng reklamo sa Insurance Commission cause they are the governing body for Insurance companies. Worst case, sa insurance mo na lang ikaw mag-claim then pabayaran mo na lang sa bumanga sa iyo iyung participation. Then insurance mo lang ang hahabol sa insurance ng bumanga sa iyo.

    tama ka sir!
    ganito din ginawa ko dati nang mabangga ang auto ko sa likod ng rumaragasang PUV na hi-lander.
    1. blotter sa Pulis
    2. negotiation muna bet. me and yung driver na nakabangga ... after some time umiiwas na ang mokong so i decided na tuloy ang kaso.
    3. Nag claim ako sa insurance company ko (PhilGen) at ako muna ang nag bayad ng participation. Insurance ko na ang bahala sa insurance ng nakabangga.
    4. ok na auto ko!
    5. ok na rin ang kaso kc di sumisipot ang mokong na driver kaya ayun me RESOLUTION NA! anytime pede nang ikulong! hahahha

    HTH and Good luck sir!

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    Feb 2005
    Guys, just remember this: most insurance companies would try to wriggle out of a claim payment, try to delay the payment or try not to pay the amount due. I know what I'm talking about because I spent 15+ years working for an insurance company (life and non-life). I know how those claims people think. This is most true for property insurance companies that are not that "well-off" financially.

    BUXV, AFAIK Oriental has pending cases with the IC (Insurance Commission) regarding non-payment of claims. If your dad wants to really rattle the *sses of those people, then file a formal complaint at the Insurance Commission. Nothing rattles the nerves of an insurance company more than a case filed against them at the Insurance Commission. This is because any record of a case filed against them would have an effect on the renewal of their license to operate.

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    May 2004
    kainis talaga sa atin noh. kahit anong ingat mo, ang laki pa rin ng chances na maaksidente ka. dahil ang daming ogag na driver. ok lang sana basta may pambayad, eh kaso kung sino pa yung walang pambayad sila pa yung mga barumbado.

    i agree with mrpink. ipagawa mo na lang sa insurance mo. tapos hayaan mo na sila ang humabol sa mga kolokoy. mas malupit yang mga yan. hehe.

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    Jul 2004
    with respect to the insurance commission, IMHO it is the insured who can file a complaint because it is he who has an insurance contract with the insurance company. yung injured party ay walang privity of contract with the insurance company here.

    it is better to claim from you won insurance and let this be an insurance company versus insurance company fight

    otherwise, your other alternative is to send a final demand letter to the registered owner of the truck and threaten litigation if he does not pay.

    if the owner is sincere in settling this, then he will pay out of his own pocket and absorb the inconvenience of dealing with his insurance company. since the owner has totally left the matter to his insurance company, he is also a party to the delay

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got a bad experience from the insurance!!!