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    Dec 2005
    Encountered tonight a fellow motorist (he's riding a motorcycle), who attempted to get ahead of me in a gasoline station.

    I was turning left, without hesitation, towards a specific gasoline pump of a Shell Gas Station near SouthVille/Las Pinas Doctors Hospital here in LPC, when a motorcycle with a couple of riders cut the corner and stopped on the gas pump, where I was heading. The adjacent pump was vacant but for some reason, he chose that particular pump.

    I stopped and waited for a few seconds as the attendant was trying to tell both of them to move to the other (vacant) gas pump as he saw the incident. Both of them acted as if everything was okay.

    I felt it was awkward on my part to move to the left pump as the van I was driving was designed to be fuel-refilled on the right side.

    Anyway, I saw that another pump further left was vacant, so I backed up and moved to this pump instead. The attendant followed me, much to the frustration of the two motorcycle riders.

    The thing was, it was obvious that they're attempting to unfairly get ahead of me and yet, they felt that they were doing it right.

    My wife, who was with me and my kids, even told me that the riders even poked their fingers towards us, as if they're shooting us.


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    Aug 2005
    Kudos to the attendant.

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    Jul 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by meledson View Post
    Kudos to the attendant.
    ...yes! thumbs up for the attendant and of course to the TS who was not intimidated by those goons by keeping his head cool

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    Oct 2003
    it's morons like these which give riders a bad rap. Give the attendant a commendation letter and address it to the manager/owner of the station.

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    Sep 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by rey_rya View Post
    ...yes! thumbs up for the attendant and of course to the TS who was not intimidated by those goons by keeping his head cool
    Agree. Buti na lang di na pinansin ni Bro CVT yung mga kumag na yan. Baka napahamak pa siya kung pumalag pa siya.

    Baka laking iskwater ang mga hinayupak, kaya ganyan ang ugali nila.

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    Oct 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by cablespy View Post
    Give the attendant a commendation letter and address it to the manager/owner of the station.
    i agree to this one. good people should be rewarded kahit sa simpleng bagay lang na naitulong nila.

    bakit ganun, ang daming gag_ sa las pinas? dami ko lagi nababasang around alabang. pero hindi na ko nagtataka, kita ko naman with my own eyes itsura ng mga tao sa lugar na yan eh. ang ginagawa ko na lang dito eh binabasa ko forums na ito para ma update naman ako sa bali balita ng mga kalokohan dyan sa alabang/las pinas/paranaque area.
    i myself was almost hit by an upcoming motorcycle rider while we were crossing the road dyan din sa las pinas and he was on the other lane (opposite side) speeding up. yet he was the one who's very angry and told us that "sa susunod tumingin kayo sa dinadaanan niyo". ako pa pinalalabas na mali!? i was silent for 10 secs i think bago ko siya minura. sa galit ko gusto ko siyang kaladkarin pababa nung motor niya at saksakin hanggang maubusan siya ng dugo and watch him die painfully kung pwede lang but no, im a good citizen.. ay sori nadala ako ng emotion nakwento ko tuloy nangyari sakin dyan sa LP

    this jerks needs to be re-educated on the roads. if not at kung ako lang masusunod, ipapaputol ko mga paa't kamay ng mga gaya nila ng sa ganun eh di na sila tawaging motorist kung may kalokohan/violation na gagawin haha pero sa kaso mo, kailangan silang matuto pumila. time for them to go back to being pre schoolers

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    Nov 2005
    hula ko wala pang helmet na suot yung mga riders hehehe...

    courteous talaga ang mga gasoline boys sa shell station na yan. suki ako jan at wala pa naman akong naencounter na problem sa kanila

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    Jun 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by cablespy View Post
    it's morons like these which give riders a bad rap.
    amen to that sir!

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    Jun 2005
    I'm doing the same thing. I don't stoop to the level of stupid people. And yes, kudos to the attendant.

    :coffee: [SIZE="1"]3779[/SIZE]

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    Jun 2008
    Hello fellow middle class folk...

    In the particular situation in our country, there can be only one generalization on the behavior of those typical idiot drivers : they are so poor to be informed so they think they can afford to be stupid; or they're so rich that they think they can buy their way out of stupidity. Sadly, we law-abiding middle class folk are the ones in the middle caught in their mindlessness. This leaves me no choice but to bring defensive weapons in times of crisis. I know I do. I always bring with me something for defense because I am fully aware that people of extreme classes definitely have no human reasoning; they will use force in order to further their violating spree. The situation presented by our fellow law-abiding citizen CVT clearly shows that these idiot drivers will stop at nothing to entertain themselves, or whatever they call it. Kudos to him on being a good example to his kids by keeping his cool. And to all those idiot drivers, go to hell!!!

    [SIZE="1"]I truly wish that there was a shoot-to-kill policy on these kinds of things...[/SIZE]

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Drivers Who Try To Get Ahead Of You In A Gasoline Station