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Thread: Autotechnika

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    Oct 2002
    Since its an incovenience I experienced this afternoon, I guess it deserves to be in this section.

    I'll go straight to the point. I brought our just acquired Nissan Patrol to autotechnika. Being a second hand unit, I decided to have all fluids changed.
    I called a day beforehand got in touch with a certain joven (service advisor) and told him that I wanted to try the transtech service as pointed out by torque2006. I arrived at 2pm. Here are my observations and complaints in outline form.

    1. No receptionist / advisor on the lookout to meet me in front. I had to tell the guard pa to look for him

    2. My mechanic was with me because we just finished the 4x4 conversion. The technician didn't even know where the oil filter was, or if it was an element type or not. My mechanic had to point it out to him pa. I thought people here are TESDA certified?

    3. The technician failed to tell me that the copper gasket of the oil drain plug needed replacement because it was damaged already. After draining the oil, I had to ask the service supervisor pa what was causing the delay and it was only then that they told me that the copper bushing needed replacement. Almost 30 mins hintay ko. Wala sila replacement. My mechanic told me that teflon would do.

    4. In fairness, the Transtech was good. They used 10 liters of USA 88 ATF to flush the AT. Works similar to a dialysis machine. You could see the gunk comoing out. However...

    5. ...the 2 mechanics + 2 apprentices they were teaching were fooling around with each other and talking. No concentration at all to their work. KUng anu-ano pa kinukwento with each other. Turned me off. Had to clear my throat several times just to signify that I was getting irritated.

    Because I was irritated already, I decided to forego with their free xx point checkup offer.

    6. Service advisor doesn't even come back to ask me how was everything, if I wanted any more, etc. Not accomodating talaga.

    7. Mas tinututukan pa nila yung BMW ng boss nila / owner ng autotechnika. There were other customers already pero parang yung mga technicians all swarm to him kaagad.

    8. Tagal pa mag settle ng bill. I had to wait another 30 inutes.

    All in all, for the transtech and change oil, it took them almost 3 hours. Transtech takes only 30 mins. Change oil I believe will only take around 30 mins if done by a competent and "attentive" technician.

    I gave them a piece of my mind in their survey form.

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    Mar 2006
    lol.. itatapon lang nila yang survey form mo.. u shud have gone straight to their boss and aired ur complaint to him

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    Oct 2002
    Magpapa-service pa naman din sana ako ng A/T diyan. Kaso nabangga yung Starex and kanina, hindi pa din nasisimulan ng Ssangyong Quezon Avenue ang trabaho so matagal ko pa mapapagawa. hehehe.

    1. For a company that touts itself as a casa alternative, dapat may receptionist talaga. Sa tindahan nga ni Glenn may sumasalubong agad, eh. Eh hindi naman sila big shop or anything close to a casa.

    2. Baka natapat ka lang sa not-so-good mechanic nila. Siguro naman meron din silang ok na mechanic.

    3. They should have disclosed what was causing the delay. when I went to Ssangyong kanina and nakita kong hindi pa na-start yung Starex gusto ko na magalit, pero yung COO mismo ng Ssangyong Quezon Ave ang lumapit sa akin to explain what caused the delay. Hindi ko siya pinatawag, lumapit siya agad when he saw me checking the vehicle.

    4. At least the machine was good.

    5. Ganun talaga minsan. Huwag lang siguro makalimutan ang trabaho. Kahit naman nung clerk tayo minsan napapachika tayo sa harap ng pasyente. hehehe.

    6. Ano kaya pinagkakaabalahan ng SA nila? Dowloading porn, maybe?

    7. Dapat sinabihan sila ng boss nila to get back to work. Baka naman feeling star din ang boss nila? hehe.

    8. Ayan ewan ko kung bakit ganyan katagal.

    Pwede mo din ito post sa Off-road section ng Autoindustriya. Yung isang mod dun, dating tiga diyan.
    Need an Ambulance? We sell Zic Brand Oils and Lubricants. Please PM me.

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    Oct 2002
    wiretap, is the transtech for A/T only? how much were you charged for this transtech?

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    Jan 2005
    saan branch ito? fort or commonwealth?

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    Aug 2003
    baka yan yung supercharged BMW 330i na binebenta.. nandun daw sa autotechnika fort eh..

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    Feb 2005
    Well hope they improve on it based on your survey form.

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    Aug 2004
    Paging torque2006. Di ba sya yung marketing guy ng Autotechnika?

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    Mar 2006
    Hi All!

    Is this at the Fort or at Fairview?

    I bring my rig to the one in Fairview and so far, *KNOCK ON WOOD*, I've had good service.

    The managers were attentive, they check on me from time to time to see if everything's OK since I watch as they work on my rig.

    The techs know what they were doing, they know what goes where and while the occasional stories and jokes are there, they remain focused on the job at hand.

    They use the right tools.

    The only issue I may have, is that sometimes the time estimate of the job is a bit off.

    Hope this helps.


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    Oct 2002
    Kaya nga namimiss ko si yung dating nag-aassist samin diyan. Now working for Land Rover na yata, but still gives me good advice thru sms.

    I think the Fort branch is still in their dry run period...pero still it should not be an excuse.

    Saang branch ba ito Boss Wiretap?

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