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    Oct 2012
    If they're really serious about this, they should also catch those motorcycles that run on 2 stroke engines that also cause a lot of air pollution since these burn oil along with their fuel.

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    Oct 2002
    ^^They wont. Sasakyan nila yun pag-uwi.

    Video na lang ang gawin para magpaliwanag sila. Takot lang nila.

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    Aug 2005
    Share ko lang.

    Takot talaga sila pag video.

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    Jul 2009
    A good read, the owner invoked her right to his own private vehicle, di nya pinapasok yung ASBU. This could be the SOP on how to handle these people.

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    Apr 2013
    Quote Originally Posted by japeeps View Post
    nagka heated argument ako sa ASBU makati last tuesday...
    my car is 2012 model advie, maangas si g*G* ehh sakto mainit na ulo ko... sigawan kame kase ayaw patalo.. pagawa ko daw kotse ko sabi ko baket may kaso ba ako.. sige anong kaso ko.. Uminit ulo ko kase sabi ko late na ako sa work.. ang sabi sakin " ayan na naman eh late na naman" sabi ko "bakit nakita mo na ba ako ?"

    that person doesnt even know clean air act and visual sign.. nung nagtangal na ako ng seatbelt at akong bababa na ako pumasok na sa usapan yung supervisor nila... inawat yung tao nya at nagsorry sabay balik ng ORCR. Kinausap ko yung visor nila sabi ko ang angas ng tao nya.
    bakit mo binigay OR/CR mo?

    binibigay lang ang or/cr at license kung involved ka sa accident or kung may obvious violation ka.

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    Oct 2002
    This morning traffic sa EDSA after Guadalupe (southbound). Guess who the culprits were.

    I go to the lane where the *sshole ASBUs were standing and i floor my car on first gear with full busina and aimed directly for them. Talagang tumalon patabi.... mga PI. Kakainit ng ulo talaga.

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    Sep 2006

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    Apr 2013
    Quote Originally Posted by Langabe View Post
    For more than a decade ,why only now?naamoy siguro ni mayor binay na malapit na ma media mga ASBUwaya ng makati,

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    Oct 2002
    ^^ Mabuti naman, pero P-tang ina!

    “Let us not forget that the real intent of the Clean Air Act and all government activities emanating from it is to reduce air pollution especially in highly urbanized areas like Makati City, where over half a million motor vehicles, mostly running on fossil fuel, ply the road network daily,” Binay said.
    If that's his real intent, then why the f-ck do they not apprehend all the public utility vehicles, tricycles and even government vehicles as well? Why is it only private vehicles are the ones parked on the side of the road waiting for these abusive *$$holes to get in and make them blow smoke? Coz they're already paid for!

    He should stand along Buendia at noontime and watch how many private vehicles vs how many public and government vehicles actually belch smoke. 5,000 rpms is actually relatively high for most gasoline powered vehicles, what more diesel fed vehicles.

    And what's the ruling on them getting into private cars? It's private property. Even in accidents, LEOs do not get into cars. And is it actually legal to confiscate a vehicle license plate?

    Kelan ba ang "intensive training" nila? Sana sabay-sabay sila para 1 venue na lang ang kelangang pasabugin. O kaya pwede silang ikulong doon, tapos bugahan ng tambucho ng jeep na naka-rev ng 5,000 rpm!

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by cardict View Post
    For more than a decade ,why only now?naamoy siguro ni mayor binay na malapit na ma media mga ASBUwaya ng makati,
    Sana ma-media na nga, para di na bumalik. Mga hinayupak!

ASBU smoke belching test