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    Sep 2005
    ^ Grabe yang pollution ng China ngayon and it will only get worse.

    Bahala na kayo dyan sa traffic sa Maynila. Dito sa province walang stress lalo na't home based lang ako so mostly hatid sundo lang ang reason ko para mag drive.

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    Jan 2007
    Mr. President, find solutions not excuses.

    The EDSA traffic can be solved.

    1) Instead of making another highway on top of EDSA, use the money to build bus stop bays just like the one at SM Megamall. Kung walang space, locate the bus stop underground.

    2) Eliminate bottlenecks in the road. Consistent dapat ang number of lanes (three lanes for passenger / commercial vehicles, two lanes for buses).

    3) Eto, pinaka simpleng solution: Bus convoys.

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    Apr 2012
    Isn't EDSA traffic caused by undisciplined motorists?

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    Jan 2004
    ^ yep, plus volume equals chaos

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    Jan 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by Sweetlucious View Post
    Isn't EDSA traffic caused by undisciplined motorists?
    True. But one overlooked factor is bad road layout.

    Example. One upon a time, EDSA had 3 lanes for passenger / commercial vehicles and 2 lanes service road for buses, separated by an island divider. Then they removed the divider to make one more lane and built flyovers and underpasses. The problem was these flyovers / underpasses had 3 lanes only. So you have all those lanes (3 + 1 + 2) going into 3 lanes. Instant bottleneck.

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    Sep 2003
    ^Best example of idiotic road planning is the EDSA-Buendia flyover/u-turn slot. The u-turn going to BC merge to an already narrow road because of the flyover.

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