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    Dec 2003
    from the car and driver august 2004 issue comparison test among europe's V-12 powered super coupes-- bentley,aston martin,mercedes-benz and ferrari:

    fourth place BENTLEY CONTINENTAL GT 6.0L W12 551hp 479torque $159,000
    highs- stylish inside and out,skilled-craftsman build quality,roomy trunk
    lows- ponderous and overweight,cramped rear headroom,pillbox visibility fore-and-aft
    verdict- a whale of a car,just not a whale of fun

    third place
    ASTON MARTIN DB9 5.9L V12 444hp 420torque $165,000
    highs- highly ***y,aluminum construction,balanced handling,good auto/manual compromise
    lows- claustrophobic cabin,laughable rear seats,electronic gremlins
    verdict- an intimate relationship with an aston martin delaer could be an advantage(for the numerous electronic gremlins to get fixed)

    second place
    MERCEDES-BENZ CL600 5.5L V12 493hp 590torque $136,000
    highs- locomotive thrust,most serene and practical,great active suspension,adult-size back seat,gobs of goodies for the dough
    lows- nondescript styling,devoid of emotions compared with ferrari,inconsistent brake feel
    verdict a wonderfully effective road car for those who never say "hey,look at me!"

    first place
    FERRARI 612 SCAGLIETTI F1 5.8L V12 351hp 533torque $270,000
    highs- virtuouso drive stirs the soul,agility cloaks size,surprisingly spacious cabin
    lows disappointing styling inside and out,are-they-serious price,monstrous thirst
    verdict- if money is not an issue,this is your four-seater GT

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    Oct 2002
    the Benz somehow looks out of place in this comparo.

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    Oct 2002
    ganda ng ferrari!!!
    mukha nga lang sabon
    or its just me

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    Jul 2003
    dang only 351hp for the ferrari... kinda low. from the list i'll prolly get the aston or the ferrari

who is tops among europe's super coupes?