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    Apr 2008
    Hi guys,

    some advice please.. my 6 months old SILVER Hyundai Accent 2011 got scratched yesterday. I was properly parked when a car trying to park beside me sideswiped my rear bumper. (good thing i was still inside the car and havent left). The driver was an elderly lady kaya di ko na sinabihan kahit inis na inis na ako... e paano naman kabago bagong kotse binangga na. If it was my other older car, i wouldnt have mind (marami ng scratches yun hehe).

    The old lady was apologetic and on the spot called her agent and he assured me i can bring it to WHEELS in E Rod to have it repainted.

    after medyo nawala na inis ko, after close observations, damage isnt as bad as i thought..rear bumper has scratches. Tamang tama i had an appointment the same day for car detailing, na buff nila and nawala yung most of the scratches.. ibang material kasi ang bumper di ba.. What is left is about a 2 or 3 inch na manipis scratch na itim na (tanggal talaga paint)

    Now im thinking, pa pa hassle pa ba ako na ipa insurance sa kanila? Iiwan ko pa car ko mga 2 days yan, and then repaint whole bumper yan, inisip ko di ba mas ok yung orig paint kesa patungan pa nila ng new coating? baka di pa sakto shade?

    I remember reading before services nagoofer spot repaint sa mga scratches. Can someone pls give me sugegstions on what shops do these?

    Sabi pa nga nung dealing shop, kung ayaw ko daw talaga buong bumper, option ko is pumunta sa paint center, patimpla sa expert ng correct shade and pa-sprayan sa kanila yung area.. mga 200-300 pesos lang daw pwede na. At least sa malayo di na halata yung scratch na kulay itim... pero close inspection halata siguro konti...

    any suggestions? aside from hassle of the insurance option, inisip ko baka sabihin OA ko naman scratch lang na maliit e pa repaint ko pa buong bumper...

    well at least di naman grabe. could have been worse...

    thanks guys..

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    Feb 2010
    Hazzle talaga yung ganyan... but for me, kasi yung fortuner ko, ilang beses nang nagasgas, pero palaging on the side, yung mga natanggal ang pintura, noong una... i used the one which was supply to me by toyota when i bought my fortuner but it's not advisable to use it... so bumili ako ng nail pulisher, yung kakulay ng fort ko, touched up lang ang ginawa ko... pero kung malaki, wala kang choice but to bring it to the paint center.

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    Oct 2002
    Silver is a hard paint to match so doing a spot job might even ruin it more over keeping the scratch if the painter gets the mix and spray wrong.

    I usually just let all the scratches on the bumper compile over time then i repaint the bumper when its already in dire need. Its really hard to avoid that with a daily driven car. Just the other day, a jeep backed onto me at an angle while we were in traffic and it was a good thing i saw him coming so i had enough time to back the car a little to get away with some minor scratches on my front bumper corner.

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    Aug 2004
    Email Danny Tuason of The Wet Look the details of your scratch. A respray is still recommended but if you just want the scratch to be less visible they can help you out. Their touch up was good enough for my OC wife after our 2-month-old car's bumper got scratched :D

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    Feb 2008
    also had a 1 inch scratch on my car. same as you, I dont want the entire panel repainted because sayang yung original paint. So I just carefully applied touch up paint dun sa scratch using a toothpick (just like a tatoo artist would apply ink on the skin). I let it dry then even it out using a 1500 grit sandpaper then use rubbing compound on the affected area. waxed it afterwards. looks decent naman kinalabasan at hindi na halata yung scratch.

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    Oct 2002
    touch up lang yan, you can do it yourself or any other shop for that matter...

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    Apr 2008
    To everyone,

    thanks for all the replies and helpful tips... iniisip ko nga na baka OA at OC ang dating ko if whole bumper e... hehe.
    Actually my wife wants sana, kasi nga insurance ng other party ang nag-oofer so walang gastos, yung hassle and inconvenience lang na wala kang car for few days. I would never use my own insurance on such a small thing (free pa naman 1st participation, masasayang lang sya to use on such a small thing)

    ill just go for a touch up na lang or even DIY siguro..

    *JohnM, thanks for the link for the wetlook.. i looked at their site. They explained there na iba nga ang paint nila than the usual used by most paint shops (acrylic). Iba nga daw kasi pag factory paint.. so thats what i was thinking papatungan ng inferior paint yung buong area ng factory paint samantalang anliit liit ng scratch.

    may i ask how much did your "touchup" cost?

    pareho pala misis natin na OC... hehe.. ako nga yung old Lancer ko, before dami daming scratches at bangga na talaga.. inipom ko lang until nabangga uli ako, tsaka ko pina insurance na..hehe perso syempre iba ang feeling if bago bago pa lang car mo.. just like a newborn baby e ayaw mong madapauan ng lamok.. hehe

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    Mar 2011
    there is a shop in examiner st. in quezon city, they call it dent studio where they make all the necessary adjustments for paints and other things and what I like most is the cleaning of the headlights, which looks brand new after. It is in No. 31 take the wet ave route and turn in front of the cabalen rest. they call it paintless dent repair but most suki call it as dent studio by the way they make dents dissapear.

where to spot paint a scratch of Brand New car? (or repaint whole bumper)