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    Dec 2003
    from the motor trend august 2004 issue comparison test among 4 top-down 2wo-seat roadsters:

    fourth place
    NISSAN 350Z Roadster Enthusiast 3.5L V6 287hp 274torque $34,000
    hot- powerful V6 engine,good value/dollar,self-booting tonneau
    not- odd proportions,low-grade interior materials,vibration in shifter/drivetrain
    bottom line- does what a sports acr should for thousands of dollars less than euro brands

    third place
    BMZ Z4 3.0i 3.0L I6 225hp 214torque $48,000
    hot- buttery-smooth inline-6, 50/50 weight distribution,tactile clutch and shifter action
    not- overwrought exterior design,numb and too-quick steering,harsh ride
    bottom line- basic excellence foiled by overdesign and overengineering

    second place
    AUDI TT Roadster quattro DSG6 3.2L V6 250hp 236torque $47,000
    hot- rorty VW narrow-angle V6,high-grade design details inside and out,AWD
    not- excessive cowl shake,bounds over rough pavement,econo-sedan origins
    bottom line- a fun sportster that's more than the sum of its parts

    first place
    PORSCHE BOXSTER S 3.2L F6 258hp 229 torque $59,000
    hot- dedicated,sports-car platform;potent,flexible boxer engine,timeless sheetmetal
    not- pricey pedigree,downmarket interior plastics,tinny-sounding doors
    bottom line- sure it's expensive,but it's worth it

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    May 2004
    that 'screamin' yellow' looks nice!

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    Oct 2002
    bakit po 59t$ yung boxster.. diba 43t$ sa us yan?

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    Jul 2004
    baka loaded with options yung boxster. ganda talaga ng boxster kahit matagal na sa market.

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    Jan 2003
    bkt wla yun ASTON MARTIN dyan???? well
    the AUDI TT looks good

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    Oct 2002
    kahit s2000 wala din eh.. hehe btw.. totoo 2.7m sa pinas porsche boxster? hehe.. ok ah.. kung ganyan lang sana budget ko sa mga cars... hehehe

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    Oct 2002
    the Zed would be my vote..why??

    "does what a sports car should for thousands of dollars less than euro brands"
    Got Mazda?- [SIZE="1"]est. 2000[/SIZE]
    got mazda 2? -> mazda2ners

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    Oct 2002
    the Z4 has a harsh ride??! maybe if you're 60 years old...

    Originally posted by AC
    bakit po 59t$ yung boxster.. diba 43t$ sa us yan?
    they tested the boxster "s" model - with a highly uprated engine, as well as a highly uprated pricetag

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    Jul 2003
    ang liit ng mags ng boxster ang pangit! jeez. pero most fun to drive daw talaga un boxster

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    Oct 2002
    i like the numbers of Nissan 350Z...287 hp and $34k pero if i have the money i would buy the boxster...

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