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    Jul 2005
    Last roadtrip i had, we're so cramped inside the vehicle due to baggages. So, i'm thinking of looking at Thule boxes and see if they fit the bill. Any feedback on these? Prices? Haven't had time to inquire yet. I'd like the Spirit or Atlantis models.

    Another option i'm looking at are the Japan-made aluminum roof baskets/racks. But they cost around 20K, used. So it still depends on the price difference with the Thule box.

    Pwede rin siguro fabricated, but depende sa quality, at sa price.

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    Oct 2002
    nasa 27k ang expedition model na kinabit ko sa explorer namin...

    better check yuor roof if may rain gutter or wala, sa explorer kasi meron na crossbar, kaya U-bolt mounting lang sya, plus I bought an all weather big bag ng thule, cost another 10k (backpacks nasa 8k) para free from dust mga bags namin

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    kung katulad ng odyssey na may roof rails, ok naman na roofbox nalang, panu kung katulad ng spacegear, walang gutter at walang rails?

    nga pala, additional 100 yan sa rehistro, right? ->top load.

    for me mas gusto ko ung roof-box ng thule...mukhang aerodynamic, ok lang ibilis ba beyond 100kph?

    tsaka ang maganda sa box, covered yun baxs mo.. nga pala, water proof ba naman?
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    Feb 2006
    I have a Thule Xplorer roof basket (large) which I installed in my Crosswind in 2000. I removed it when I sold the Isuzu and installed it recently on my Starex. It's very sturdy and quiet (aerodynamic). It's a must have during road trips, especially when you take everything (and everyone) in your house including the proverbial kitchen sink.

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    hmmmm.lalo na kung tour ka, souvenirs and bags sa roof...essentials lang sa loob....water/dust proof ba pag sarado?

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    Mar 2006
    Meron ba roof rail para sa rav4 2006 ang thule? saan pwede mag-inquire? thanks

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    Jul 2005
    From the description sa websites, water & dust resistant naman yata. Hindi waterproof if you're thinking of submerging it in water

    I have rain gutter sa sasakyan ko, so not really a problem using the roof boxes since may provision naman to use the rain gutter. Not sure lang how strong the rain gutter is - kung ilang kilos kaya, while the vehicle is moving on good, as well as bad roads.

    The reasons i would rather prefer Thule boxes from the roof rack baskets are:
    - mas aerodynamic sya
    - not needing any more separate cover and tie downs
    - mas water resistant than those covered only with tarpaulins
    - comes with locks, such that you have peace of mind na walang magnanakaw nung mga gamit mong nasa roof while leaving your vehicle. unlike roof baskets na kayang-kayang tanggalin ng mga magnanakaw yong mga tali, then off they go with your belongings.
    - mas madaling tanggalin once di mo muna sya kailangan.
    - cool factor...hehehe.

    Cons nga lang:
    - most likely mas limited ang capacity than roof baskets
    - maybe, mas pricier

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    Oct 2002
    If you have the budget i'd invest in a Thule closed carrier/box. We've had one for over 10 years and it's still very okay up to now despite all the war scars of driving.... they get scratched but no dents or cracks.

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    Jul 2005
    i like this:


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    Feb 2006
    #10 those roof boxes...I wanted one of those back in 2000 but unfortunately they didn't have it then yet (nor did I have the bucks for it. ) The owner of the Thule dealer (when the store was in San Juan) was saying that selling Thule is like selling condominium units to squatters. He was trying to push the more affordable baskets as well as bike carriers to the limited, weekend mountain bike riders market.

    The downside of those roof boxes is that everytime you dont use them, you have to remove them. Since it's set so high up (esp. if you have an A/SUV), it has a tendency of hitting low ceilings in multi-level car park buildings. Even with just a roof basket on my Starex, I always look out for the height limit of at least 2.10M anything lower, rrrrripppp!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ferdy_Fenduko View Post
    Meron ba roof rail para sa rav4 2006 ang thule? saan pwede mag-inquire? thanks
    There's a Thule Dealer in Ortigas (sorry, don't know where exactly) but if you're from Makati, there's one in Pasong Tamo Extension, across the Hyundai Dealer, beside DHL


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