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    Mar 2003

    Lamborghini's new HQ and remodeled assembly facility is a modern marvel of glass, aluminum, steel, and high-tech hardware. So are its cars.

    Automation, modernity, and efficiency abound on the current Lamborghini assembly lines. As radical as the 571-horsepower Murcielago and 500-horse Gallardo are, we can only wonder if 30 years from now we'll look back at these bulls as being old tech.

    Q. How does a Lamborghini Murcielago begin life? A. As an aluminum body shell propped up by a metal cart atop four casters. It's not fancy but it works to start the build process.

    A few clamps and some tape hold parts of the alloy body structure together as the body is rolled onto the official assembly line where wiring, braces, suspension, and carbon fiber await installation.

    When was the last time you saw an all-aluminum 60-degree V-12 sitting on the floor? At Lamborghini such 12-cylinder alloy masterpieces are stacked up like cord wood just waiting to be built into 6.2-liter, 571-horsepower behemoths.

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    Mar 2003

    After undergoing a full porting, each aluminum cylinder head is fit with two dozen lightweight valves held by racing springs and retainers. This head assembler would likely disagree with the stereotypical notion that building big horsepower is men's work.

    Once the V-12 long block is assembled, each of the four camshafts are adjusted using a degree wheel and a watchful eye. Advancing or retarding cam timing has a drastic affect on overall power, when the powerband hits, and even emissions output.

    completed V-12 awaits its call to be lowered into a new Murcielego. Notice the complex routing of the exhaust runners, multiple catalytic converters, and the suitcase-sized muffler system with shielding.

    Before installation, every six-speed manual gearbox gets a check and break-in via a tranny dyno.

    Engine in, wiring strung, suspension on, and brakes in place--the Murcielego begins to look more familiar. Here, flip-up doors are installed and adjusted.

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    Mar 2003

    V-12s on the left, V-10s on the right. As far as the eye can see are Gallardo V-10 aluminum engine blocks in different states of build. We can only imaging what a row of these 500 hp V-10's would sound like if simultaneously started within the engine build area.

    Final assembly of a Gallardo 5.0-liter, 90-degree DOHC V-10 takes place before sequential manual transmission installation. While quite different than its big brother V-12, the V-10 incorporates a host of high-tech hardware including individual static ignition, dry sump lubrication, and a race-spec intake system with throttle-by-wire.

    As each Gallardo silently slides down the assembly line it is fit with increasing amounts of bits and parts. Here, the four-wheel independent suspension and race-spec disc brake system has been installed, and much of the interior wiring is already in place.

    A rare look at the final assembly of the V-10 before it is covered by body panels.

    After engine installation, the Gallardo switches onto another assembly line where it will receive rear body panels, doors, and glass.

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    Mar 2003

    Row after row of positively gargantuan-sized rolling stock awaits installation. Here, sets of 19x11-inch alloy wheels shod with Pirelli P Zero 293/30ZR19 rubber awaits fitment on the rear of a new Gallardo.

    Although completely built, each Gallardo awaits its turn in a curing booth before being able to see the actual light of day. Here, a trio of Gallardos dressed in retina-scorching yellow paint are moments away from being wheeled outside and loaded onto a truck to be delivered to anxious -- and lucky -- owners.

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    Oct 2002
    kahit janitor lang siguro pwede n jan :freak:

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    Oct 2002
    dang..pangarap ko magtrabaho jan kahit hindi ako nakaka drive ng lamb.....

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    Oct 2002
    kahit sekyu, payag ako :D

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    Apr 2004
    pareho pa la ng itsura ang planta ng lamborgini sa planta ng mclaren.

    from looking outside, you would'nt know na assembly building na pa la yun.

    lufet talaga...

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    Jan 2004
    Ako payag taga-load at arrange ng tires sa tire rack.

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