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    Sep 2003
    using O/D for city driving regardless of type of your ride consumes more gas ba?

    ano nga ba rule of thumb for using O/D

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    when you turn off O/D your engine only shifts up to third gear (for four speed automatics, not sure for the 5 or 6 speed automatics), this is usefull when towing something heavy or during stop and go situations where a fourth gear is not necessary. But for normal driving turn on the O/D to be able to use all the gears and save on fuel.

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    Oct 2002

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    Oct 2002

    kung mabagal yung takbo sa city, let's say matrapik, turning off O/D off won't have any difference because your tranny will be using only 1st and 2nd gear mainly anyway

over drive or O/D for 'matics