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    Oct 2018
    Hi there,
    I'm about to purchase ANCEL AD310 Universal OBD II scanner.

    ANCEL AD310 is one of the highly-rated and most recommended automotive code readers around. It also lasts for years and saves you a lot of money and time if treated with utmost care.

    One thing that most users love is its large LED screen that comes with an amazing display. The 128 by 64-pixel screen comes with contrast and white backlight adjustment that directly shows test results. The screen is also fast hence time-saving and reliable.

    Before buying it I think I better check the reviews from the buyer. So I went to google to get all the information I need. Most of the reviews were positive but some renowned car gadgets review site like toolez says, It can't diagnose an ABS system also it's not compatible with some models from Nissan .
    Now I'm a little bit confused if it is a better idea to purchase it!! Can anyone please suggest me anything?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mohid036 View Post
    have any negative issues?
    i think not. i personally use this and i'm really happy about that.

Need Ideas about ANCEL AD310 Universal OBD II scanner