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    Oct 2002
    yung later models, yung bago na ang face, 7k na engine niya, 1.8l na, and power steering na.

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    Oct 2002
    I once had a lite ace 1997 1.5li, reliable and never had problems on overheating. Maluwag at gusto ko seating design ang arrangement, pedeng maging bed ang 2nd and 3rd row.
    Great for city driving, and not for long driving.

    Mejo mabagal nga lang, pero what the heck van naman siya... di naman kailangang ipangkarera..

    I recommend it for your Mom.

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    Nov 2002
    super happy ako sa lite ace namin (1993 gxl). may problems ito dati, mejo slow and drives really bad... pero that was way back nun elementary pa ako, hindi kasi namamaintain nang mabuti. when i was using it already (year 2000, i was 18 years old) nafix na ung problems... casa-alaga ito since birth, pms every 5000 km... ung stock na local 165/80 sime darby sd steel 80 na tires were replaced by japan yokohama s-707 (then) na 175/70... then natutunan ko sundin ung owner's manual na 33psi ang tire pressure... parang kulang ung 30psi eh, imo, mas ok yung takbo pag 33-34. toyota synthetic oil din palagi ang gamit. ung rusted na battery terminals napalitan na din. i removed the front bull bar (heavy kac, to improve braking, handling, acceleration--insignificant ba ito?)
    un nga lang ayoko sa lite ace... crash safety...
    very reliable. di ako pinahiya nito. whenever i was late for school it would go 140 sa skyway... i did this regularly... even reached 150 dun sa pababang part northbound. pinangsstreetrace ko to dati eh (dati un, i drive more safely now). i remember dati i sometimes shift from 3rd to 4th gear at 100 kph...until naging aware ako na nangyayare pala sa real life ung blown engine, natakot na ako. aus din ang seating ng lite ace, hindi cramped, compared sa ibang "refrigerator" vans. pwede pa ihiga ung second row, parang bed. it was last year when i started using another car. pero everytime i get to use it it never fails to make me feel good. peace! ah, ang lite ace pala is shorter and narrower than a Corolla GLi. dali iweave through traffic...

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    Nov 2002
    sorry pahabol...di naman ako nakakaexperience ng overheating problems... ung temperature gauge is almost always nasa 1/3 lang. . . bilib nga ako e. no mods naman sa cooling system, uses coolant and water, around 70:30 ung mix...

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    Feb 2006
    mga tsong ask ko lang hard starting lite ace ko pag napatakbo sya ng 2hrs n dirediretso pag in off muna mga 30 minutes hard starting pero umiistart nman... pero pag mga 5 hrs mo n sya napahingahan pag start mo one clik lang...ano kya problema neto...?

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    Feb 2006
    Mga tsong may problema aircon ng liteace ko malamig nman sya pero pag naka first switch lang...pag nilakasan mo sa 2nd swicth ng aircon wla na lamig,..... ano kya problema ne2? ska question bka kc sa april punta kami bicol ok lang kya bumyahe ng naka on ang aircon ng almost 8 hrs?

    tnks mga pare

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    May 2005
    The ride is harsh, there's too much play in the steering wheel (because it's mechanical), there's no lateral support on the seats, the cabin noise is rather too high, 7km/L on city driving, the headlamps are too weak and too scattered, and it's really slow. Mind you I have reached 140kph according to its speedometer, but it was rather scary because the vehicle seemed very very unstable(and with a full centimeter of steering play, you have absolutely no control) and the door was about to ripped apart (perhaps I haven't closed it too hard).

    Fortunately, if you haul lots of cargo it will do very very well. Torque is sufficient below 2500rpms, considering all the pulling is made by just some 1500cc of explosion chamber. The shifter is slick and just have the right amount of throw distance (unlike AUVs), it makes you feel THE driver. What I like about old-school carbureted intakes, when you press on... it instantly responds... there's the sudden jerk sometimes you can't recreate on normal EFI engines. Despite it's huge tendency to roll over because of it's height, it doesn't make you feel it will roll over because the suspension is rather too "sporty" for it to bank on corners, and it actually has a roll bar. Ofcourse, you won't be drifting with that kind of car, because it's purpose really is to carry around weight. And doing it's essential job, it doesn't fall short.

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    Jan 2006
    What do you think of the Lite Ace? I'm planning to get one for my Mom Any tips on buying one?
    Lite Ace is a bit underpowered and its not that safe(flat nose with no proper crumple zones).
    You'd obviously want a safer ride for your mom, what about a 2nd hand Revo?
    Last edited by AG4; February 16th, 2006 at 07:22 PM.

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    Oct 2005
    my aunt has a Subic import one while another uncle has a local version.

    ~both are underpowered...take it in sumulong highway or kenon and you'll understand me...

    i suggest you get the local one coz the unit of my aunt is soooo problematic.

    ~A/C is night, during manila's mid day heat? goodluck...bring a handy fan with you. (although at this one, my aunt's imported version fares better...alot better)

    ~both overheats

    ~fuel consumption of the local one is 7-8km/l city

    ~good thing this was able inherit Toyota's resale.

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    Jun 2004
    hay namimis ko nga yang late gxl namin twing nag a out of town kami hala reklamo dito reklamo doon kung may liteace parin daw sana mas convinient ...
    passive safety lalo na sa intersection na may blind spot madaling ma spot yung passing vehicle, matipid ave. w/2onboard 10km/l city 12rural, pwedeng mag sssleep, pwedeng pang hauling 10sacks of rice huhu, high rider, easy to park..

    sir jet hindi kaya coated ng dumi yung condenser sa ilalim/or kailangan ng aircon maintenance dumihin lalo na pag laging naka ventout. try to check ign timing or clearance sa contact pt, corroded na rotors connection, or carb a/f mixture.. happy longride

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