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    Quote Originally Posted by tagarito View Post

    Mawalang galang lang po horsepower, ano po ang solusyon sa "I go when you go" mentality na ito? Paano malalaman ng tagarito sa Pinas na ang popular is not necessarily the best?
    I believe more and more people are getting away from buying just because its popular and the number of new owners of Korean cars is a testament to that... also forums like this wherein people can get feedback and information about these new cars is helping to build the awareness of Korean cars...

    the Starex became popular I believe because it was not only cheap but for the value for money you did not have any other option...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpdm View Post
    -with all due respect sir, mahina pa rin daw kalidad ng Korean vehicles especially in the long run based on my friends assessment. One friend of mine owns a 2006 Hyundai Matrix and a 2005 Starex..Yung isa May Kia RIo 06 at Kia Sportage. Yung Sta. Fe daw maganda talaga---ang itsura---pero di maganda ang presyo dahil mahinang clase kumpara sa mga SUV ng Japan (he drove a Sta. Fe in the States). He also got to see a Sta. Fe in the Philippines na nabangga, tanggal ang buong harap, parang nayuping lata ng sardinas. Kabanggaan, L200 pickup. Warak pati radiator. L200, nayupi lang yung stepboard sa likod. Sayang ang 1.3 million.
    sir sa sarili kong assessment ok ang build quality ng SF kasi nung nabungo kami ng honda accord sa likod sa slex parang kinurot lang ang bumper ng Santa Fe namin pero anglakas talaga ng impact kasi napaforward kami kahit nakafoot brake, korean pa nga nakabunggo samin e no joke and according to sir OTEP
    All Korean bumpers are required to be at least of the 2.5mph variety. Meaning they are required to survive a 2.5mph impact into a flat barrier with no damage at all.

    Some Korean vehicles even have 5mph bumpers just like U.S. cars (the U.S. has less stringent requirements on trucks and SUV's).
    alam natin lahat na CBU korea yan, pati meron din naka SF na taga tsikoteer (Oilman) na nabungo rin ang likod ng crosswind, I believe naka post parin siya dun sa santa fe thread at makikita mo na durog ang front nung crosswind pero yung SF parang kinurot parin pero butas hehe
    sa harap naman di ko sure kasi wala pa ako experience to prove o nakita man

    Quote Originally Posted by empy View Post
    the 5 year warranty (10 year here in the US) is somewhat of a defensive manuever for the Korean carmakers. since their initial offerings had extremely poor quality, they have had to offer shockingly good warranties to their buyers just for the market to give them another chance. to their credit, the quality has much improved since the 1990's, but i'm willing to bet that they are losing money on those warranty terms. pero no choice sila, and i applaud them for doing whatever it takes to keep themselves competitive.

    for reliability, i know i sound like a broken record on this, but we have to look at studies like JD Power or Consumer Reports. all automakers have flawless units and lemons - what's important is their performance across the whole fleet. it's not a valid comparison to compare your mom's Hyundai to your neighbor's cousin's Toyota.
    di ko alam sirs kung may pagkakaiba ha according sa other forums mas low quality daw ang gawa ng US made hyndai kaysa sa Korea made
    isa sa mga problem ng US made ay yung paint nila madalas meron silang stone chips na hindi naman ko o iba na SF na taga phil na na experience
    bale yung mga hyundai naman natin dito CBU korea naman


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    Honda trim and build issues include, but are not limited to:

    -sticking windows (FD Civic)
    -dashboard rattling (City/Jazz, very common)
    -various minor trim imperfections, poorly fitted or leaking rubber seals (various, erratic (in other words, you never know), just search for the threads here on tsikot).
    -paint issues (although, to be fair, a lot of other manufacturers have orange peel, too)
    -gas tank strap (previous Civic, recall issue, defective strap)

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Oct 2005
    For me at par na ang Hyundai sa Toyota and Honda, it will be definitely on my list when making my next vehicle purchase.

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    Jun 2007
    From Canadian Car of the Year(AJAC),

    Best New Economy Car Honda Civic Sedan
    Best New Family Car (under $35,000) Hyundai Sonata GLS
    Best New Family Car (over $35,000) Hyundai Azera
    Best New Luxury / Prestige Car BMW 5 Series Touring
    Best New Sports Sedan BMW 3 Series
    Best New Sport Car Honda Civic Si Coupe
    Best New Sport Utility Vehicle Mercedes-Benz M-Class
    Best New Pick-up Honda Ridgeline
    Best New Multipurpose Family Vehicle Mazda Mazda5
    Best New Modern Muscle Car Dodge Magnum SRT8
    Most Coveted Vehicle Chevrolet Corvette Z06

    Best New Economy Car Kia Spectra Sedan
    Best New Family Car Mazda Mazda6 Sport
    Best New Luxury Car Chrysler 300C
    Best New Sport Utility Vehicle BMW X3 3.0i
    Best New Crossover Hyundai Tucson
    Best New Sport Compact Volvo S40
    Best New Sports / Performance Car Ford Mustang
    Best New Minivan Honda Odyssey
    Best New Station Wagon Mazda Mazda6 Sport Wagon
    Best New Pick-up Toyota Tacoma
    Best New Convertible Mercedes-Benz SLK350
    Best New Alternative Power Honda Accord Hybrid

    2006 Sonata also won many awards including:
    -"Family Vehicle of the Year" from The Boston Globe newspaper.
    -Best Family Sedan in its 2006 "Drivers' Choice Awards" from U.S TV show MotorWeek(aired on PBS in Feb.)
    -"Most Dependable/sedan of the Year" from Road&Travel Mag.(

    In the J.D Power Initial Quality survey(IQS), Hyundai ranked 7th, Honda-4th, Toyota-9th in 2004 and in 2005, Hyundai ranked 11th, Honda-12th, Toyota-7th.

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    Jan 2006
    Toyota still pays better attention to the interior of its cars than Hyundai. That said, my wife finds the interior of our Sonata just fine.

    Kids do say the darndest things and my daughter's friends all say they love the roomy and comfortable back seat whenever I drive them home.

    My wife apparently also loves the mid-end punch of our Sonata. She's been doing a lot of speeding lately....
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    korean cars = cars with cut throat prices that bring you to point A to point B. The availability of its frugal CRDi engine makes it more pleasing to buy considering the skyrocketing prices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jun aka Pekto View Post
    Toyota still pays better attention to the interior of its cars than Hyundai. That said, my wife finds the interior of our Sonata just fine.

    Kids do say the darndest things and my daughter's friends all say they love the roomy and comfortable back seat whenever I drive them home.

    My wife apparently also loves the mid-end punch of our Sonata. She's been doing a lot of speeding lately....
    That's one of the gripes I have with modern Koreans... fit and finish.

    Except for the Santa Fe, I haven't seen a Korean interior that I'd consider up-scale or durable. (Heck, the Starex GRX is infamous for rattly bits)

    But the only Toyotas locally released that have decent interiors are all well north of 1.5 million (the Previa, the RAV4, the Camry, the Prius )... the rest are el cheapo... even the Fortuner, which straddles 1.5m already.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Personality Luxury car cabin attached to economy car steering and engine Why we’d buy it Great ride and cornering, quiet interior, decent gas mileage and power Why we wouldn’t Misfit with front seats, steering feel Gas mileage EPA, 28/36, stick or automatic
    [quote] The ride of the Elantra ay kahangahanga, with every surface dealt with nicely, from broken cement to sharp pot-holes. The road can be felt through it, but the driver does not jiggle-jaggle, bounce, or gently meander up and down as though on a yacht sofa. smooth na smooth mga bro comfortably comfortable than..alam nyo.. It comes close indeed to the perfect balance of road-feel and cushioning. Major shocks are inaudible, without the subsonic booming of many cars, and nasty roads are toned down dramatically. Sa mga kalye(typical) natin.

    Sound insulation is also quite good, with the interior noise staying at low levels until one gets to faster freeway speeds, at which point the engine starts to drone. The engine itself is rather noisy at higher speeds, but it’s not particularly annoying, and it’s easy enough to keep it quiet.
    Power is fairly good; though the same engine, when tuned by Chrysler, is very peaky in torque, only making real power when running well over 4,000 rpm, the Hyundai tuning sacrifices a little high end power for a much better balance. At low engine speeds, the engine feels much peppier than the bigger 2.4 liter powerplant in the Chrysler Sebring or Dodge Caliber, though the horsepower rating is lower, allowing the driver to keep engine speeds down, which in turn keeps noise and fuel usage down. At high engine speeds, the Hyundai Elantra feels very fast indeed, and it doesn’t take long to get to those speeds.
    Our test car had the five-speed manual transmission, which had a smooth clutch and a civilized shift feel, requiring little force for either movement. Reverse was locked out unless a little ring was lifted, a natural movement and a better way to deal with Reverse than having, as some automakers do, a noise that alerts you to being in that gear. The gear pattern was standard, with Reverse to the left of First to prevent accidental Fifth-to-Reverse shifting. [/qoute]

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    I've never owned a brand new car. Puro 2nd hand:Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Honda, Hyundai (2 Starexes '99 at different times which I had to sell pag kailangan ng cash) & Ford (youngest kasi 2003 model when I got it nung 2005). Civic '00 ako ngayon. The Nissan (vanette) was probably the worst (consumption, comfort, maintenance) even if the previous owner and I maintained it well. Toyota & Mitsubishi (corolla XL, GLXi, Galant, spacewagon) sedans are ok pagdating sa maintenance, pero masyado nga common; design, performance & comfort wise, so - so lang. Honda sedans (incl. accord) ok performance kahit mahal maintenance, pero so far sa mga naging honda ko, '96 Lxi (A/T pa) lang ang matipid kaso mahina sa akyatan (70's model beetle kayang kaya mag overtake sa 'kin habang paakyat ng Baguio, kaya binenta ko agad pagkababa). The Ford Lynx I had, had the best interior & complete all - power amenities (except sunroof) w/ front airbags & sensors sa rear; 'yung naunang Japanese models I had, masyadong cheap looking ang interiors lalo na corolla big body (mine was white so napagkakamalan pang taxi kotse ko kahit naka tint & 15" mags), & kulang kulang mga power features like ABS, foglights & walang airbags (sa mga model na nabili ko). Medyo malakas nga lang consumption ng Lynx pero ok siya sa comfort & performance including the good size ng cabin. Starexes have the best aircons (para sa 'kin lang po) - hands down; ok din sya comfort wise pero limited safety features (yung Ford Lynx ko lang yata yung nag belong sa high end version among sa group ng particular model na 'yun). Compared sa vans na nasakyan ko, pati sa mga AUV, Starex lang siguro ang 'bang for the buck' if you weigh both pros and cons. Medyo mura pa nga pagdating sa maintenance kahit na luma ('99 model) compared with mitsu (glxi) that preceded my latest Starex and Honda (vti) that followed it (current car). In the end, siguro quality dapat ang tingnan over quantity and popularity & syempre kung ano ang pasok sa budget.

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Is korean car really getting much attention nowadays.. why?.