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    Jan 2003
    Hi peeps of!!!!

    I got a chance to visit the USA last May. Fortunately, i was able to drive a vehicle in Oregon and California-stayed there for two weeks- but i didnt know if the Int'l Driver's License/Permit issued in the Phil is accepted in those states bcoz no untoward incident happened while i was driving there.

    We stayed in Virginia for the remaining 3 weeks of our vacation. And, two days before our flight for home, we visited WASH DC, on our way home, unfortunately, i was rear ended by a car and, that caused me to rear end the car infront of me. No major damage on our part though.The real damage was suffered by the car behind us.Nevertheless a police officer was called and he investigated what happened.Naturally, he asked for our drivers license and i gave my local DL with the IDP and he readily accepted it.

    The point is, this happened proved, those saying that the IDP is just a piece of cardboard and not accepted in the US, wrong.

    And the police officer is filing his report right then, and there, on his fact, the next day, the insurance company is calling me already and taking my statement about the accident.that's swift huh?

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    Oct 2002
    Actually if you are just visiting and not staying for long even the phil. drivers license is good enough anywhere as long as you bring your passport w/ you to prove that you just arrived.

    nagawa ko na magdrive sa Japan, Malaysia, SG, US at Canada (nung bagong dating ako within 2 months of arrival) na Phil. DL lang at passport.

    Pati yata sa Europe balita ko ganun din. sa US nga kahit visitor pwede ka magapply ng local DL.

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    May 2004
    Sa UK, pwede din kahit local DL yong gamit mo...

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    Oct 2002
    Nickbay, mukhang madalas ka sa gaylang ha hehehehe

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    Oct 2002
    lorong? 17?

IDP accepted in Virginia USA