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    Sep 2006
    we currently developing a device that could be interfaced in your car, motorcycle, home devices or any electronic devices. It could control the ignition or lock when installed, The owner could also monitor the status of the car if the lock is enabled or the engine is on. It has the a feature that the owner of the vehicle will be automatically texted by the device if the alarm is tripped. This device is still in its development stage and still not commercially available, we would like to know if there would be consumers out there that would be interested to buy this kind of gadget for 10k-15k pesos

    we would like to hear suggestion from interested parties about additional features needed by end-users in wide range of applications, not just only for cars
    any comments and suggestions are welcome here in my post

    thank you very much

    Carl Alberto

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    Oct 2002
    how about this?

    Why not develop a dual system? One system using GSM signals and a secondary system using BLUETOOTH for short range functions like unlocking/locking doors?

    You must be able to develop the software to integrate it to a symbian based celfone too.

    Sounds like the thing, right?

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    Mar 2006
    Given the bluetooth interface, security would be compromised. "Unique" Physical Bluetooth Address ain't as "unique" as it was before. Specific motorola gsm phones, for example, when flashed to a firmware not originally for the phone but still functional, erases the physical bluetooth address in your phone's memory (given that your phone has a bluetooth feature). To restore the address, you have to edit seems and upload seem files to the phone,in which during the process, chance of your bluetooth physical address may be changed from FF:FF:FF:FF (not so sure, but this is the physical address of motorola phones with bluetooth memory erased), to an address which isn't the ORIGINAL bluetooth address of your device.

    If, given that your mobile phone's bluetooth address is sweeped via bluejacking, it is then easy to access your car lock/unlocking mechanisms given that the proposed device is installed.

    But, if there's a way that authentication can be made not just via bluetooth address, then sir GH's idea of a dual system is feasible. Imagine, an actual car (not the remote-controlled one sold by SE as a phone accessory) moving by relying on the cellphone of its owner. Well, a bit more demanding compared to the previous demand but it sure is nice to dream of such a feat....
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    Mar 2004
    There is already such a device on the market. It was offered on Pajeros (forgot which year).

GADGET:controlling your vehicle via mobile phone-is this feasible?