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    Oct 2002
    Originally posted by hens
    dun lang sa reg ebs ninyo..
    Babuy! :D

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    Jan 1970
    so when, where is the euro-EB?

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    Feb 2004
    Havent been to Pioneer Grill but I heard a few bike clubs meet there regularly.

    UCC in The Fort sounds good too.

    Rohan, oh, I was referring to the new mini used in the Smart Addict promo before (where they gave away Ducatis and Minis)

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    Feb 2004
    Originally posted by hens
    sir, pwedeng sumilip kahit walang BMW?...marami din akong kilala na member sa bimmer club..Manolet, Eric & Capt. Rollie (newbie)..dun lang sa reg ebs ninyo..pag umuwi na si Eric..sama kami nila Rollie..

    kita ko nga yung pics ninyo sa UCC...hehehe nakakahiya lumapit sa inyo...nanliliit ako.:lol:
    you are welcome to drop in and join anytime there is a club gathering.
    don't worry pare, most members also have non-bimmer cars or SUV's so whatever is your ride, I am sure may ma-connect ka sa group.
    some members have civics and accords as daily drives, some toyotas, mitsu galant...
    bimmer ownership is not a requirement in the club, so we have members with mitsu galant, nissan, alfa, mini, SUV's - and they blend in with the group just as well. some even join our driving school with Kookie Ramirez at SIR with non-bimmer rides. some say the reason they join inspite not having a bimmer - enjoying the company of people who really like cars, and networking with people from different walks (very interesting people like Capt. Rollie's businesses...scuba, flying, doctoring at resorts...)
    and yes, I know those people you mentioned - all good guys.
    so, no reason to be shy...
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    Jan 2004
    so when is the first EB of the euro club?

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    Nov 2002
    day ba o night guys?. hehe

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    Feb 2004
    Guys, the local BMW Car Club has an EB at The Fort McDo on Saturday, the 17th July, 7AM - All car owners are welcome.

    Just look for me in an MC CVT, black, white bonnet stripes or BMW 523i blue, with 18" ACS, #8 plate, or PM me for my mobile.

    A lot of Bimmer club members are owners of cars other than euro cars. The members are all cool guys so no need to be shy, you will enjoy their company.

    PM me your contact numbers so I can ID you when you get there. We normally park at the elevated parking area, the approach is a little steep so take it easy.

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    Aug 2004
    nagka-EB na ba tong euro club? when is the next one?

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    Nov 2002
    we already had a fun run last sunday..

    pare join pus pag maulit.. masaya

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    Feb 2004
    Maybe we can do the Club Euro EB next and plan the next run - what do you think?

    This will give us a chance to get to know others and their rides so we are all famiiar with each other when the next run is sked.

    Eastwood City has offered the BMW Club an EB venue (with free prime parking in front of Seattles Best, free car wash if we have breakfast worth P200) - I can check if they will offer the same to us.

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euro club?