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    Feb 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by chieffy
    undercoating lang ang kailangan...2k lang iyon...

    May mairerecommend ka bang undercoating or rustproofing shops sa Pasig Area?

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    Sep 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by theveed
    you guys are mistaking undercoating with rustproofing.

    undercoating is spraying tar-based rubberized coat underneath the carriage

    rust proofing is spraying cavity wax on the INNER PANELS of the body.
    Tama si sir theveed. Magkaiba yun ... pero some shops would actually offer both as a package para daw mura :-)

    CLAVEL3699, since bago pa naman ... can you still negotiate that as a freebe pa? :-)

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    Sep 2003
    ayaw eh. hindi daw freebie.

    nagpalagay na din ako.

    kasi may 5yr warranty. naman sya eh. Tama si tebs nag iingat lang ako hard earn money kasi yun.

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    Sep 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by airshaq20
    hehehehehe...sorry natawa ako dito....

    Clavel - yeah, sa ilalim lang nilalagayan ng rustproofing and mas maganda pagawa mo sa nag i specialize ng rust proofing - mas mura at mas ok gawa
    natawa ka mali ka din pala.

    mas nakakatawa ka ngayon.

    Nagtatanong nang maayos yung tao.

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    Aug 2005
    Everytime pumunta ako ng honda for the 1k checkup parati akong inaalok ng rustproofing.

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    Oct 2003
    hi clavel, kami we didnt avail yung rustproofing. hehe how much bigay sa iyo ng casa? somebody from HCP forums told me its better to have it done outside the casa cause mas malinis silang gumawa. you can opt for the same company naman, SAVI di ba?

    yung undercoat lang ang kinuha namin, kasi free. hehe

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    Sep 2003

    Napaoo kasi ako kaagad, na leche na bwisit.

    dbale may additional warranty naman sya.


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    May 2004
    saan po ba magandaa magpa-undercoating and rustproofing na mura lang?

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    Aug 2003
    Actually, its better to have it done outside than via dealer. Mas makakatipid ka. I learned this the hard way when I realized the dealer just does the underbody thing (not really sure kung rustproof yun) care of TufKote (SAVI), instead of full (pati inside panels, etc.).

    Out of curiosity, I went to TufKote (SAVI) to check out their menu of services and found out I could've saved some money if I went directly to them (instead of car dealer). And they offer many levels of treatment.

    As for the warranty, pareho lang may warranty.
    The warranty is conditional to annual reapplication. Without the reapplication, the warranty's as good as worthless. Either way (dealer or direct).

    And yes, I do believe certain car makers have improved their rust protection capabilities such that one doesn't really need to have it done outside after purchasing the car.

    But if only for peace of mind, it might be good to apply it immediately upon purchase. And not just underbody portion. If only for peace of mind.

    Just my two cents.

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    Nov 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by reuelc
    saan po ba magandaa magpa-undercoating and rustproofing na mura lang?
    kung undercoating, better bili ka sa auto supply, diff brands ito (i prefer 3m rubberized or shell), then dalin mo sa gas station of your choice, dun mo pa underbody wash at pa-apply. it's much cheaper kung package ng gas stations but less hassle. re. rustproofing (inner cavities like doors, fenders etc.) tuff coat dynol ako IMHO.
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