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    Oct 2002
    OK na sana yung article until he mentioned Rapide hehehe.

    Casa, kahit anong country, they're a rip-off in rates sa simple jobs. I understand that their employees, equipment etc are more costly than outside shops, but charging that much for simple oil changes and "required" tune-ups is just preying on the customer's ignorance.

    What's with the wait-for-2-to-4-hours-for-an-oil-change-PMS bullcrap?

    Parang yung dalawang friend ko dati sa US... The girl drives a 318is while the guy drives a 3000GT (Mitsu)... both brand new.

    The guy brings the car to a quick lube every-single-time since the purchase, cost - $20.

    The girl always asks me to bring it to the dealer, cost - $150.

    Gaguhan eh hehe.

    In addition, sa mga uninitiated, major maintenance parts are not in the owner's manual.

    Things like timing belt (and corresponding bearings/seals), clutch parts, wheel bearings, etc. are not listed in the manual. So kung wala kang alam, gamit ka lang ng gamit.

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    May 2005
    We once had a '95 Civic which we always brought to Makati for the regular PMS for the ten plus years of the car's ownership with us. Everything went well and the casa would print its diagnosis on the billings like "replace brake pads", etc... From there we have those kinds of repairs done outside the CASA bec. parts and labor are cheaper outside. As for regular oil change and etc. the casa does it for us.

    Casas are overpriced but what other choices do I have? I dont trust bringing the vehicle to any neighborhood talyer bec. they dont have the proper diagnosis tools, and insider knowledge regarding a certain make of vehicle esp when its new. I rather take my chances with the CASA. If you are unhappy with their work, you can always complain to their superiors. Whether or not, the issue will be properly addressed is another thing, though.

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    Sep 2004
    Huwag naman sa neighborhood talyer, lalo na kung duda ka. If you're wary about bringing your car to the dealer, dalhin mo na lang sa mga establishments na kahit papano eh may "K" galawin ang oto mo i.e. gas stations (Shell, Petron, Caltex), specialty shops (Goodyear Servitek, Zee Cruven, Speedyfix, Betan, etc.)

    Just search for shops with the seal of approval -- they're the next best thing to casa service.

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    Oct 2002
    Huwag niyo lang ako tatanungin. Puro neighborhood talyer lang ang alam ko. A lot of them don't even have names for their businesses. Pangalan ng tao ibibigay ko sa inyo. :lol: Nung nasira ang aircon na kay Mang Mario, ngayon naman may overheating in traffic kay Mang Rudy naman pinadala.

    Cars are not as complex as people perceive them to be. I have a Volvo 850 service manual and even the methods detailed are still mostly basic automotive repair skills (bleeding brakes, changing fluids, etc.). Even checking what an error code means does not need a scan tool. Only a piece of wire so you can 'short' the system into telling you what's wrong (it tells you by the number of flashes on a dash lamp).

    As per wiretap_md, a Suzuki Vitara can also speak to you in its own morse code. As long as you have the manual, you can understand what the vehicle is 'saying'.

    But the casa is a 'safe' choice for those who are not really into cars and just use them as appliances. And are more than willing to pay for anything the dealer bills them for. Yung iba nga parang security blanket nila yung malaking bill. They feel that the bigger the bill the more reliable the car will be. Ok, whatever floats your boat.
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    Oct 2004
    It doesn't matter where you bring your car, just make sure you can afford the bill.


    Edit... to each his own.....except on being stupid :spider:

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    May 2006
    it does matter were you bring your car.. i took my starex to Rapide, they did a free estimate,, and to change the strut busings, the rubber seal for the rear brakes, it came out to P10,500. i bought the parts myself and it cost less than 2000..can u see the price difference? i installed the part myself with a little help from my very experenced mechanic friend, so lets say the labour was 1000.. the price difference still kills... ok now if i could i aford it at rapide i wouldnt be able to live with myself knowing that i got ripped off big time, all because of taking my car to well known shop...but then this me the concious car owner...

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    Oct 2005
    having the 'casa maintained' car does not guarantee a higher resale value.. nasa pilipinas tayo.. mahilig ang tao tumawad.. they will still follow the current market value.. 'casa maintained' or not..

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    Jan 2003
    first and last time ako nagpagawa sa casa nabwisit lang ako. nagpapalit ako ng brake pads saka belts. ok na sana pero they charged 24 k (mitsu malolos) ang nakakabwisit pa nito eh yun cover ng timing belt eh may sunog... di iningatan nung mekaniko... tsk... tsk... simula nun lagi ko na binabantayan pag nagpapagawa ako, saka pinag-aaralan ko rin bago ko ipagawa. it really helps kung may kaibigan ka mahusay na mekaniko

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by theveed View Post
    OK na sana yung article until he mentioned Rapide hehehe.
    Haha... i had exactly the same thoughts.

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    Mar 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by happy_gilmore View Post
    yup. pag expired na, pwede na....
    pero imho, not all people can afford to have their cars sold after 3 years.
    true pero adopting that frame of mind, sigurado may ma-achieve ka naman. after 3 years, siguro part ng objective, na-accomplish mo. for example, a brand new car costs 600k after 3 years. you aim for 800k, but you only got 300k in 3 years, achievement pa din. and with all the financing stuff available every corner sa car buyers. 300k + the resale value of your old car, meron ka ulit pambili + extra money pa. if you dont want to spend the money on a new car, then extend the use of your old car for 3 years more. you need not worry on maintaining an expired warranty car anymore, kasi may ready 300k naman hehehe

    ako kasi I stopped being mr. fixit. noon college ako ambuting-ting ko. gumagawa ako ng home-made home theatre, inaaral ko iba-iba gadgets. it's now 2006, all that knowledge gone down the drain. ni hindi ko magamit para kumita ng pera.

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