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    Dec 2003
    If you have not spent lavishly in getting your own parking apartment built or for that matter getting your home the luxury of a designer garage like the one, we told you about earlier, then the Phantom Park will provide you with that extra space to park your pricey roadster. The Phantom Park is a heavy-duty scissors style garage lift designed to lift (2) 5,000 lb. vehicles in the footprint of one parking stall. The deck structure and lifting components are completely concealed below ground so there is no indication that a underground lift is present when lowered. The Phantom Park lowers the vehicle into the floor effectively making it disappear, so nobody can make out your underground grage at all. The lift can raise and lower a vehicle as fast as 65 seconds and it is fully secure, so you can park your prized million dollar sports car in it without worrying. Besides, you can improve the looks by matching the canopy surface to match surroundings. The Phantom Park comes in 4 versions designed to lift vehicles from small compacts to larger mid-sized SUVs.

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    Jun 2006
    Ok ito ah. :D

    dapat lang may flood management ka na naka-abang.

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    underground pala tatago,e..pwedeng lift nalang..ung parang dudugtong sa terace mo...

    kasi kung bahain lugar mo, e di lubog auto mo!

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    Oct 2002
    ayos to ah...

    mapagawa nga mamaya. ;)

    naks. bigat! hehehe

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    Nov 2005
    gulat nga ako sa may san juan liit lang ng garage pero me

    naka lift na BMW sa ibabaw. kaso katakot dumaan sa ilalim.

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    Aug 2004
    How much kaya for a garage lift? After the flood, I think we need it.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Oct 2002
    may nakita na akong ganyan... sa san juan, isang unit ng apartment... bm sa itaas, corolla sa ibaba...

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    May 2004
    ok yan para walang naka park sa side street.
    the problem is hindi advisable sa maraming areas in manila. lubog...

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    Nov 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by RedHorse View Post
    may nakita na akong ganyan... sa san juan, isang unit ng apartment... bm sa itaas, corolla sa ibaba...
    don't know the street pero between n. domingo and aurora nadaanan

    ko lapit lang sa Exile sounds and lights.

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    Oct 2002
    Huwag lang babaha siguro.
    Need an Ambulance? We sell Zic Brand Oils and Lubricants. Please PM me.

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