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    Oct 2003
    What is the average lifespan of a car?
    Lets say average din ang maintainance nito.

    for example 99 Civic

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    Dec 2003
    it could be more than 20 years. or more than 250k kms. bimmers in the US reach way over 200k MILES, normal parts replacement. 200k miles = 320k kms. a honda would outlast a bimmer i imagine hehe

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    Jun 2004
    Assuming the vehicle had been maintained properly the lifespan would be around 20 years as said above. I've heard of some vehicles that work fine at 1,000,000 kms traveled.

    After 20 years the car would still be fine, probably for the next 20, but then cars would have advanced enough to consider an upgrade.

    Our older car is now 21 years old and works great. My tita has a Volkswagen Beetle that is also quite old but is good as new.

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    Depends on how well you maintain your car.

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    Sep 2003
    sa kumpanya ko dati sa Saudi 5 years it doesn't matter kung ano mileage dapat dispose na. Mataas kasi standard nila sa Safety and Money is not a problem

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    Jun 2003
    5 years? paranag model year cycle lang yun ah hehehe so what happens if you really can't afford to buy a new one? sorry na lang? commute ka na lang hehehe.

    I've always heard(from some friends) that usually after 50k kms mileage, lumalabas na yun mga topak ng kotse. Usually dito na nagsisimula palitan yun ibang major parts. It holds true for a bit sa experience ko... my galant had problems with brakes and suspension... yun tie rod lagi at yun brakes di ko na solve nun - when breaking from speeds above 70 may steering vibration when 65kph is reached. then our van had the aircon overhauled, overheated 2x, strada ng dad ko had electrical gremlins, lancer ng sis ko steering prob din... I guess it just goes on how well you maintain your car.

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    Oct 2004
    A brand new car can last 5 years siguro without any major/expensive repairs....pero paglumabas na ang mga ito, at palitan mo naman ng mga brand new parts, I would assume it will last as long as you want it to, hanggang mainis ka na siguro sa kakagastos sa repairs....may kotse kami dati halos every month may palitin na parts so dinispose na namin....but if you're okay with that, no problem.....your civic siguro can last another 5 years na kakayanin pa ang gastos....mahal daw pag magpaayos/replace ka ng mga major parts ng honda? pero they will last long again after you replace them.
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    May 2004
    Usually, 125-150 Thousand Km kung Gasoline-powered vehicle, while Diesel would have 50-100Thousand more. But I don't drive any vehicle with more than 60,000 Miles in it!Nakakakot na yata yan. Baka while driving sa freeway, may biglang bumigay! Hindi yata nababayaran ang kumpletong katawan! He he he!!

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    Oct 2002
    a civic or any honda should last 150 - 200k miles (240-320k km) with average maintenance.

    i think people in the philippines are lucky to be able to keep their cars for 20+ years because car repair labor costs are less expensive, so paayos lang sila ng paayos.

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    Jan 2003
    ...duno if its possible but if you notice MB's benz and me campaign. there's this couple who owns an SE with 1.5million miles on it. grabe.

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Average lifespan of a car?