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    Jul 2005
    ok just to give a little background of this question,, i really like JEEP WRANGLER and own 1 way back, and i thought the wrangler made in US are great coz they're the original but it really upset me so much because it look ugly to me, they're small not well proportion compare to the YJ wrangler in the i'm thinking if i can import here in US a wrangler body with fiberglass hood and the chassis only from the phil. then i'll assemble the rest here..anybody knows regarding importing and exporting process?..any info. is appreciated...thanks in advance...

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    May 2005
    Keep in mind, you might encounter some problems with registering the jeep in the US. Depending on what engine you plan to put in it, if its a Japanese surplus (like most engines running in jeeps in the Phils) and if its a diesel, I dont think it can pass the strict emissions testing there esp. in California. Also if they are not satisfied with the crash worthiness and safety of the vehicle then it would be another headache.

anybody??? how to export car??