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    Feb 2004
    CHECK THIS OUT GUYS! a kick as expedition! they call this the new bread of SUV. PUV na tawag nila performance utility vehicle! sadly pag sa pinas sinabi yang PUV pangit ng dating!:worried:

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    Feb 2004
    more pictures mga pre!

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    Feb 2004
    Shelby Ford SUV unveiled

    Carroll Shelby, best known for high-powered Shelby Mustangs, has plans for the huge Expedition.
    November 10, 2004: 5:28 PM EST
    By Peter Valdes-Dapena, CNN/Money saff writer

    NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Carroll Shelby, best known as the creator of the muscle car-era Shelby Mustangs, is adding his big-power touch to something a little different and much bigger -- a souped-up version of the Ford Expedition sport/utility vehicle.

    The Shelby Expedition, which Shelby Automobiles is calling a "performance utility vehicle" or PUV, is powered by a 5.4 liter Ford GT engine fitted with a supercharger. The engine produces 550 horsepower and 500 foot-pounds of torque; the largest stock engine available on a Ford Expedition produces 301 horsepower.

    The special edition also has a five-speed automatic transmission, a high-performance exhaust system and special brakes. It rides on 22-inch wheels.

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    The vehicle was unveiled this week at the Specialty Equipment Market Association trade show in Las Vegas.

    The Shelby Expedition has a custom interior with navigation equipment, a CD/DVD system with LCD monitors in the headrests.

    If the vehicle does make it to final production, it will probably have a sticker price of about $110,000, said Brent Fenimore, vice president of Shelby Automobiles, the auto manufacturing arm of Carroll Shelby International (Research).

    Versions with a slightly less powerful engine could also be produced and sold in larger numbers for about $75,000, he said. Based on reactions from show attendees and Ford executives, the Shelby Expedition will likely be produced at least in small numbers, Fenimore said.

    The company called the Expedition the first in a series of products that the company is considering. Carroll Shelby officially rekindled his relationship with Ford Motor Co. (Research) last year after acting as a consultant on the Ford GT supercar. The GT recently began selling at a sticker price of about $140,000.

    A similar version of the F-150 pick-up is also being considered, said Fenimore. The company is also working on a line of Shelby-branded performance parts for Ford vehicles, he said.

    Shelby Automotive is currently working on the new Shelby Mustang, altough no timeline has been set for its production, Fenimore said. The company is planning to produce a racing version of the car before it produces a version for street use, he said.

    "We want to beat the snot out of everybody on the racetrack first and use that data," he said.

    Ford and Shelby first worked together about 40 years ago, a partnership that created the high-powered Shelby Mustangs coveted today by muscle car collectors. In 1965, Ford hired Shelby to help with the GT40 race car it was designing. That car was the inspiration for the new Ford GT.

    Prior to working with Ford, Shelby had created the famous Shelby AC Cobra sports car, which used a Ford V-8 engine.

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    Oct 2002
    hindi kaya mag-melt yung rear bumper from the heat of that exhaust?

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    Oct 2002
    where's the shelby stripe???

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    Feb 2004
    i have already read on the internet about a 1000 hp ford f150 supercrew daily driver. hanapin ko nga


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    Dec 2003
    ok naman..but front bumper looks like a lawnmower imo...

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    Oct 2002
    oks lang...

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    Oct 2002
    looks like the progeny of a failed expedition-mustang mating :P di ko type :P

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    Oct 2002

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The New Shelby Expedition