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    Aug 2005

    My friend asked my help to post this in the forum - I think it's quite a big concern....

    Last Sat, she and her husband took their Ford Escape to Ford Makati for the routine oil change/tune-up. I think the unit is about 6-9mos old....

    From makati, they drove to market market, then to this condo in taguig then to megamall. In market2, they already noticed a funny sound, and the starting wasn't as quick. It was in mega where they discovered the heavy oil leak. The husband texted a Ford personnel but advised him to bring the unit back for inspection today, Monday. Sunday they drove out for a while but eventually turned back home when the 'funny sound' started got too loud. Today, the check-up results were given to them: the guy used an oil filter with no rubber gasket last sat that's why the oil spilled out.

    My friend's question: should they push for a replacement of the engine given that it's still under warranty period? I'm not sure if ford will agree to that suggestion but for a car costing that much, I would understand if they feel that they're driving a damaged engine due to some mechanic's oversight....

    Any inputs will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.....

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    Dec 2003
    yup i think they should do something bout the engine if it is really damaged..

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    Oct 2002
    Have them to check first on what is the extent of the damage since it might not require a change of engine (since this costs really high... around P400K for a brand new one).

    Did the "low oil" indicator lighted up? If not, the damage might be minimal... but still they can push for the replacement of pistons, rings, etc.

    And yes, the service center should be the one to bear cost of the replacement / repair. Try to push for a service vehicle also.

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    Aug 2004
    Yup... it's the fault of their personnel, they should take full responsibility.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Oct 2002
    Bad trip yan ah!

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    Mar 2006
    make them replace all that's needed to be replaced because it's their negligence w/c caused all those damages in the 1st place

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    Dec 2002
    Have you friend bring a mechanic of his own and check the engine so that it Ford Makati says there's nothing wrong with the engine your mechanic can prove otherwise.

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    Mar 2005
    Today, the check-up results were given to them: the guy used an oil filter with no rubber gasket last sat that's why the oil spilled out.
    keep this in writing at least. malamang your friend will be denied of engine replacement. paubrahan muna yan bago siguro mapalitan, if in case, major damage sa engine. tsk tsk tsk

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    Jan 2004
    Whatever the resolution will be, sagot ng Ford Makati yan dahil sila ang mali. Kung may sound pa rin, kailangan diyan buksan at least ang engine at tingnan ang extent ng damage.

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    Aug 2005
    Thanks very much for the replies guys....'really appreciate it. According to my officemate, they did not notice a warning light go off in the instrument panel. The sound was like a whirr, whirr, whirr rotating type of sound daw. Sabi din nung husband niya, the oil was below the lower level mark of the dipstick, hindi naman ubos as in dried out. So the damage may not exactly be "totally wrecked engine" type of damage. Still, they are pushing for a full investigation and that Ford should definitely pay for all the expenses.

    Ingat lang sa mga mahilig sa "casa" - sometimes, we consumers feel so much at ease (kampante) when we go to casa - parang di sila pwede magkamali. Sana nga ganon since they charge very high rates. But this lesson proves otherwise.....we should always check our vehicle right after service before driving off - casa or no casa.

    Thanks again for the inputs, everyone....

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