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    Nov 2002
    Please post your feedback regarding the following for 2002 Ford Lynx Ghia AT:

    Fuel Consumption (city/hiway)
    Maintenance Cost (scheduled maintenance)

    Thanks a lot! :D

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    Oct 2002
    Check out the Comparo thread. According to 323 owners, 8-9 kms/L is ok for 323s, and since the Lynx is basically a 323 in drag, then the mileage figures should be similar.

    And if that mileage (8-9kms/L) is not enough, hehehe, there's always Caltex Havoline Energy! :mrgreen: (But then, there's a separate thread for that topic, too.)

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    Oct 2002
    The Lynx is a rebadged Mazada 323. My brother owns one (Mazda 323) :D previously and I can say the acceleration is superb. Malakas lang nga sa gas compared to it's competition then (Sentra Series 3, Corolla and Lancer.) Respnsive and steering and adequate ang interior space. I am sure Ford has improved on the rebadged Lynx from the previous Mazda 323. :D

Feedback on 2002 Ford Lynx Ghia AT