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    Sep 2003
    Mga Tsikoteers, paano po ba gumawa nito? Yung mga kids ko kasi, nakapag-try nito one time na gumawi kami sa Makati. We went to this place, where they serve hot chocolate na masarap at malapot. Eh, kahit sa bahay, yun ang gusto nila.

    Paano po ba ginagawa ito? Ano mga ingredients at paano ito napapalapot? Ano po ba yung batidor (o batirol)? Eto ba yung sikreto para lumapot yung drink? Anong chocolate at milk ang ginagamit? He-he! Sinubok ko Milo, Swiss- Miss, Cocoa ayaw talaga. Di ko makuha yung taste at yung texture nung choco drink na natikman namin.

    Baka meron marunong diyan, share nyo naman. Masarap ito sa breakfast and snacks.

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    Aug 2007
    ^ I can imagine what you mean. Both my Lola from Mother side and father side makes this for us during christmas.

    Mother side Lola - makes it traditionally from the Madre de Cacao trees planted in the backyard.

    Father side Lola - buys cacao tablea from the market.

    Yung batidor ata is the wooden utensil that they use for mixing while cooking the cacao.
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    Sep 2003
    Tama ka Sadik, masarap sa X-Mas ito, w/ Bibingka or Puto Bumbong.

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    Oct 2002
    You'll need a double cooker... or pot with water and a big bowl for the chocolates to melt in. Place the bowl and make sure part of it is in the water. The water is meant to control the heat that gets to the chocolate. Too much heat results with burned chocolate.

    As for the chocolate, you can buy some cooking chocolate or simply buy some big toblerones without nuts. Chop the chocolate to small chunks and put it all in the bowl to melt. If you used cooking chocolate, you might want to add some powdered sugar to make it sweeter. Add a little creme or milk to get it a bit more "watery" if you plan to use it as a dip for fruits. Add unsalted butter if you plan to re-harden the chocolate over something else like donuts, cakes, etc.

    You can get creative by chopping some almond nuts and sprinkle them over the warm chocolate as it cools and hardens.

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    Aug 2007
    Sa probinsya namin, traditional na ang pag gamit ng batirol. The chocolate that we use is Ricoa at may halong giniling na mani kaya malapot. Try mo this Christmas.

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    Jun 2007
    Batidor or batirol in some parts of the Philippines refers to the wooden mixing implement used for frothing and mixing up hot chocolate;

    It is in fact the same or similar implement to a Mexican molinillo or molinet used for the same purpose, which was apparently invented by some Spanish colonizers in Mexico around the 1600-1700’s…

    The pot itself is a chocolatera, tsokolatera or chocolate pot, and the ones common here are made of cast aluminum or some other metal such as iron, copper, etc. You can buy these pots in varying sizes in Bohol, though the one in the photo here was purchased from a Nana Meng’s outlet at Glorietta a year or more ago. These pots are very reasonably priced, but sometimes have a tendency to spring leaks, which is a tad annoying. I also worry where the base aluminum was sourced from to manufacture the pot… but that is another thread altogether.

    Ito tablea naman ito
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    Nov 2005
    my mother adds peanut butter dunno why

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    Dec 2005

    OT: Punta na lang kami sa Camp John Hay sa Baguio this coming January..... May tsokolate de batirol sa may tabi ng Amusement Center/Park. At dahil malamig, may strawberry flavor pa sila.... Sarap uminom ng tsokolate sa Baguio weather...

    May nagtitinda na ng tsokolate de batirol dito sa Metro Manila. Saw one at South Supermarket in Alabang.....


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    Dec 2005

    Tsoko.Nut pala ang pangalan ng shop na nagbebenta ng tsokolate de batiro.... Nandoon kami kaninang lunch sa branch nila sa Santana Grove dito sa Sucat.... Ka-share niya sa restaurant space ang Kitaro at katabi sila ng Shopwise at National Book Store...


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    Nov 2007
    Masarap na hot chocolate ba ang hanap niyo, sir chua_riwap? I can help you with that. Alam niyo yung Romana Peanut Brittle sa Pangasinan? Gumagawa rin sila ng chocolate tableas. The best I've tasted so far. Purong-puro yung cocoa. Karamihan kasi ng mga commercial hot chocolate na natikman ko e mas lasa yung mani kaysa tsokolate. Depende ang lapot sa pagluto, but I am 100% sure you and your kids will love it. Yun nga lang, you won't see it anywhere in Manila kasi sa Pangasinan sila based. But I can give you their contact info if you want to order. PM niyo lang ako.

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