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    Jan 1970
    anong difference ng smooch, lips-to-lips and french kiss?

    have u kissed a stranger?

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    Oct 2002
    Sa aking pagkakamuwang:

    - Smooching is done with a close friend or new love birds.

    - Lips to lips is performed by married people.

    - French kiss is commonly seen done by a GRO to a DOM who has a hefty wallet behind his a$$.

    To answer your question, yes!

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    Oct 2002
    hmmm another nice topic.....hehehehe

    smooching is like beso-beso, you do it with your close friends, amiga, amigo's and the likes...

    lips to lips is for lovers, couples (whether it is a gay/bi***uals)

    french kiss (aside from being normal in France where this term originate) is for **** movies, and whores and client kind of thing. Of course lovers/couples can do this as well.

    and to answer your question....yes I already kissed a stranger, its kind of normal in here during night-outs....

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    Oct 2002
    what's wrong with a french kiss? why say it's just done in **** movies?

    never done it with a stranger though. i always get her nickname first hehehe! :D

    tanong lang wag galit: bakit si gretsy napapansin ko lagi *** nasa isip ngayon? :D

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    Oct 2002
    There's nothing wrong with french kissing, it's just that mature women treat it as a kiss with no respect. Either they are not that open minded to reveal what's really inside them or they are just simply ignoramus. :D

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    Aug 2003
    lips to lips= a simple, whether short or lingering kiss where the lips of two people touch and caress, without really opening the mouth and without using other oral paraphernalia (tongue, saliva)
    smooch= opening of the lips with possible tongue action, but still within "reason"
    french kiss= all out no holds barred, tongue all the way, complete with significant exchange of oral fluids:naughty:
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    Jan 2004
    for me kasi, ang lips to lips is an expression of love. sabi nga nila di ba, for couples, married or simply in a relationship.

    ang french kiss kasi, may kasamang lust na yan e.

    smooching, well for close friends lang.

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    Oct 2002
    Originally posted by yebo
    tanong lang wag galit: bakit si gretsy napapansin ko lagi *** nasa isip ngayon? :D
    maybe she's preparing for the ultimate night

    joke lang po :D

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    Oct 2002

    wag mo gaanong pagpapansinin mga tanong ni Gretz, baka bigla kang mag leave dyan... nya ha ha ha

    pag nagkatataon lagot ang mga tanong sa pm ko sa iyo he he he

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    Mar 2004
    ha ha ha... d naman cguro sir RedHorse... baka naman out of curiousity lang....

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