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    Oct 2002
    sheym ang mahal pre.. bumili ako last year, pagconvert mo sa pesos 25T.. pwede na rin.. platinum sya, kalimutan ko lang yung size ng diamond eh (tingnan ko sa bahay kasi sinoli sa akin eh.. ehehehe )

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    Nov 2002
    OMG! :shock: mahal pala ano? tapos yung kasal mismo.. pag magpakasal pa mga 500thou minimum lahat lahat na.. o wel, matinding pagiipon pala. talaga palang pinaghahandaan ang pagaasawa.:D

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    Oct 2002
    The way to the heart...
    Proposals most often happen in a romantic restaurant.
    Restaurants are usually willing to collaborate by hiding the ring in a glass of champagne, the entree, or dessert. You might also plan a romantic picnic in a park or on a beach. Take a stroll along the beach and write your proposal in the sand. The most whimsical idea I have heard, is to replace the prize in a Crackerjack Box with your ring. Now that's a surprise!

    There are infinite ways to propose to the one you love, but whether it is spontaneous or well planned out it should be symbolic of your love and reflect the personality of your relationship.
    Think how much fun you could have in the kitchen creating an edible proposal! A gingerbread house or church, cupcakes, cookies or candy that spell "Will you marry me?" Bake or order a wedding cake for two and top it with the engagement ring.

    Say it with flowers...
    You can tie the ring onto a single flower with a satin ribbon and a loving note or you can fill her home or office with bouquets expressing at what lengths you will go to have her hand. According to the Hallmark Wedding Planner, bachelor's buttons stand for hope, carnations, roses, and lilacs are symbols of love, gardenias, orange blossom, and lilies-of-the-valley show your happiness, orchids are a symbol of beauty, ivy and violets promise fidelity, hyacinths your stability, and apple blossom your preference.

    Bring out the poet in you...
    Even if you are not a poet by trade or talent, you can still express your feelings with words The French and Italian Troubadours made their ladies swoon wither their powerful verses of devotion in the medieval days. It isn't necessarily the cleverness of the rhyme that makes women melt, it is the notion of being adored.

    If you are a writer and not a poet try recording the history of your meeting and falling in love and then create a story foretelling the future of your lives together including your hopes and dreams of loving for the rest of your lives.

    Lovers in the Victorian Era put a lot of effort into designing romantic Valentines with lace, ribbon, buttons, feathers, beads, magazine pictures and poetry. A fun way to create a card or letter is by cutting the appropriate words out of a magazine and making it look like the proverbial ransom note. If you are a talented painter or sculptor, portray her as a beautiful bride and tell her your dream is to see her on her wedding day.

    Music wins your way to the soul...
    If you can, write her a love song. If you aren't confident in your own abilities you can pay a professional to write your thoughts into verse or song.

    A singing telegram is sure to take her by surprise and tell her that life with you will never be chill. The ultimate display of love and old world elegance is a serenade. What a shame our Culture never adapted this custom. A serenade will surely impress most anyone that is within earshot.

    A thrill of a lifetime...
    Imagine proposing while soaring in a small plane or floating in a hot air balloon. Adrenaline is sure to add to the euphoria, however, the answer might be partly inspired by fear! Sail to the middle of a lake or the sea and declare s/he is the only person you need to be make your life complete. Plan a ski trip and propose on the ski lift at sunset, ski down and go to the lodge where you can celebrate with mulled drinks by a roaring fire. Spring for a long ride in a horse-drawn carriage through a park or illuminated streets. Hire a limousine to chauffeur you to dinner and a show. These ideas show your intended how exciting fife can be with you at her side.

    Whisk them away on a romantic get-away...
    The world is a very large place where romantic get-aways can be planned far and near within the confines of any budget. If you really want to make the trip exiting, romantic, and memorable, make it a surprise! Make sure you make all of the necessary arrangements so that there aren't any loose ends hanging over your heads while you are away. You might even pack the bags full of all new clothes and accessories that he or she would need on the trip.

    Another way to propose marriage is to research a selection of honeymoon sites and present them with the travel information. When they ask what it is all about, you reply, "I was wondering where you would like to go on a honeymoon!" You are guaranteed to get a smile and a squeal of delight with a proposal like that!

    Is a ring necessary ?
    Exchanging rings is an old tradition which originally symbolized ownership. As any other tradition, it can be broken if so desired. I do know couples that don't exchange rings, just as I know lots of people that love each other without signing a marriage certificate. But that doesn't mean that weddings are going out of style! Some couples are exchanging engagement rings as well as wedding bands to make the commitment feel more mutual. There is also no reason why women can't propose marriage to the men that they love. Sometimes they just need to know that you are interested and that you won't turn them down!

    In my opinion, engagement and wedding rings are very symbolic and important for several reasons which I will share with you. Although I am an independent woman who believes in the freedom of women and their own personal choices, I also love tradition, old world values and chivalry. I personally think it is a shame that we are pressured to ignore male and female differences and that women are encouraged to suppress their femininity in order to appear professional and intelligent. Modern day culture has lost so much appreciation for beautiful things such as elegant coiffeurs, garments, dance and song.

    A man proposing to the woman he adores is a tradition that depicts the woman as someone precious to be honored, loved, taken care of and cherished. The ring is a token that adorns her finger and is a symbol of his love for her.

    As far as "ownership" goes, I find there is a certain comfort in it. Although you each maintain your own individuality, you also become an entity so that you feel as though you are one with each other. So, just as you belong and take care of your face and heart, you also belong and are taken care of by your spouse.

    I also think of marriage as being a safe haven. You are together to share your lives and to shelter each other from the harshness of the world outside. Even if you fail and others are disappointed in You, ),our spouse loves you unconditionally. just as the husband should make his wife feel precious, so should the wife make her husband feel important. The ring makes a woman feel precious. The engagement ring is the beginning of that bond.

    Engagement and wedding rings become very symbolic of the ever lasting life of the love you share and can on1y add to the fun of your engagement, and the memories you will share. Rings are a sort of written history Of your lives. They are engraved with your names and wedding date, and often they are added onto with years, anniversaries, and children.

    Whichever options suits you and your relationship, make sure you make the proposal memorable. Truly make it a once in a life time experience because chances are, that once you are married and have kids you will find other more practical things to spend your time and money on. Now is the time to celebrate your romance.[/b]

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    Nov 2002
    All your "proposals" for a proposal are great and I think would really solicit a YES from your ladies. Pero siguro naman may mag-agree sa inyo na yung proposal na ginawa nung guy sa isang recent shampoo commercial ay talaga namang far from ideal. Parang wala kasing romance, di ba? Of course, commercial lang yun.:D

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    Oct 2002

    my plan dati was....

    bring her to one of my favorite spots in the world....

    sa NIAGARA FALLS....pag gabi na kasi dun...super sarap...and ang ganda...coz they switch on the different colored lights...

    tapos ayun....


    naisip ko.......

    sa isang race track ssa philippines....

    habang nasa start ung mga cars....

    pupunta ako sa gitna ng track...

    tapos...using the mega fone....i'll ask her if she would marry me....haaaayyyy....bahala na kung mapahiya sa mga drivers or not...


    pag sinabi niyang "YES"......ratrat na ang mga drivers!!!!!and the GREEN LIGHT IS ON!!!!!!!!


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    Oct 2002
    meron sa reader's digest dati kinwento na nag-propose yung guy sa girl aboard a trans-atlantic flight... sa aisle ng plane and over the PA system, alam ng lahat ng crew at lahat ng pasahero ata :D

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    Oct 2002
    parang The Wedding Singer ahh.. wala lang. ang sweet kaya nun!!

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    Oct 2002
    he he...nice topic...parang gusto ko tuloy magbigay ulit ng proposal...:D proposal for what eh kasal na kami :lol: ....esep esep....:roll:

  9. yebo8 Guest
    dami ekek hehehe!

    ako i texted her! paalis ako for malaysia, ang bigat ng mga feet ko maglakad sa NAIA and i just can't leave without getting a commitment. so i texted her. she texted back na wag daw ako magbiro ng ganun. next thing i did, i called her. so she broke down crying in the middle of sm centerpoint. she said "yes" while 2 sales ladies were frantically trying to find out what was wrong that she was crying about, hehehehe!

    she was wishing pala that i'd ask her before i go so she was very sad that i was going again without asking. so when i texted her, yun na! no ring, no dinner, no flowers. cheap no?

    it's not how you ask or where you ask, it's the love behind the words pare ko.

    when i got back from malaysia 12 days later we got everything ready like birth certificates, etc. got married sa judge 3 days later. then got married again in church. super gastos, maxed out savings ko. ok lang.

    dito pa ko sa indonesia, sa january 2 pa uwi ko di kami magkasama ng pasko and new year. miss ko na misis ko sobra, first xmas and new year pa naman namin. buti na lang may celphone pwede ko text and call si misis kahit saan.

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    Oct 2002
    last valentine's day yata... may lumilipad na airplane dito sa ortigas na may banner... andun ang proposal. hehe.

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